I Should Be Upset.

I am here on pay day looking at my bank account. What a glorious feeling it is to see hard work converted into hard cash. Except, there is no cash. I have the exact amount that I did before. “Where’s my money?” Oh well, it’s time to activate Plan B.

What’s Plan B, you asked? This is the kibbles and bits I have thrown to the side. This is not just a savings. This is a saving my buttocks savings. A time will come when unexpected hiccups will occurs. Take today for example. Money was not deposited. If I didn’t throw back a little here and there, I would have a different outlook on today. One simply cannot relax when faced with financial blunders. That is why it is important to plan ahead.

How much should we save? oh good question! The quick answer is three times our monthly pay. If we make $1000 dollars a month, we should save $3000. Do we stop there? No! In the event that you save $3000, continue to put back money. When it rains it pours. The more we put back the better we will be. How much per pay check should we deduct? Another great question! Personally I shoot for 10%. However, if 10% is too steep then try 5%. The key is to put back something or anything. With that in mind, $1 per pay check is not going to save us. We need to use logic.

Money can make us emotional. When we get it we’re happy. When we don’t have it we get worried, depressed, angry, and sometimes desperate. With that in mind, a saving my buttocks savings account is actually a “saving me from an emotional break down” account. Say that three times fast. When we save money we afford ourselves a chance to relax during those “Oh snap! My boss didn’t pay me.” moments.

In closing, money can buy us happiness; not in material things, but in peace of mind that bills will be paid. We need to plan ahead. Prepare for bad times. They will come, trust me. Now here is an important tip. When that day comes. Be happy you saved. Don’t throw your head back and trod off complaining you have to dip into savings. This is not healthy. Being happy is healthy and wholesome for the soul. And, that is what this blog is about. Finding Life’s Happiness.

Until the next blog Live life and Be Happy,


Steve Curtis

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