My Eary Dilemma

There I was, in all of my glory arguing over a topic I have long forgotten. But what I took away from that confrontation will remain with me for life. Set in my ways and hell bent to prove my point I found myself plotting my next remark. With one ear poised to the conversation I formulated a defensive rebuttal. After several minutes of raised voices, belittling looks, and arrogant words my opponent seen they could not prove me wrong. Victory was mine as they submitted and walked away.

For one reason or another, the next day I could not stop thinking about my tactics. My uncouth actions began to eat at me. I wasn’t listening. All I was interested in was “winning” the argument. It wasn’t even an argument. Someone had a different opinion than I did, and I felt the need to show them how wrong their opinion was. This, by any standards, was low. I had no right to chastise their views. I do believe the term nerf hurder correctly described my character.

Can two people with different views be right? Absolutely. If I asked, “Is 68F or 20C too cold for a room?”, I would receive a lot of opinions on this. There are no wrong answers to this question, since it requires an opinionated answer. And that’s the point. No one is wrong in an opinionated conversation. We may disagree with them, but that does not make them wrong.

We should never take the right to have an opinion away from others. How sad this world would be if everyone had to think and believe like Donald Trump. Not saying he’s good or bad. Just stating we need different view points.

If you ever find yourself in an argument, stop and ask yourself, “Am I defending a fact or expressing an opinion. Fact: Apples are red. Unless they are Granny smiths. Those are green. Black Oxfords have a purple tint. And, Golden delicious apples are yellow. So there goes that fun fact of the day about apples being red and all. But, they can be red… ish… right?

Anywho, If is vital that we understand we don’t have to win every argument. This “I’m right and your’re wrong” attitude clashes with our quest for happiness. What’s happy about proving someone’s opinion is wrong. Nothing, that’s what. Our views are like a spice rack. Salt and pepper aren’t the only flavoring agent in this world. THANKFUL! Take the time to listen to others. Stop planning a rebuttal while others are talking.

Stop planning a rebuttal while others are talking.

Listening is important; right? Of course it is. We want others to listen to us, so it’s only fair to lend an ear back to them. Place value in the thoughts and opinions of others. We have so much to offer each other, if we take the time to absorb it in like summer sun rays. Mmm, radiation. Soon we will see the common ground between their view and ours. Believe it or not, we are not as different as some may believe. We are all human. And we all are searching for life’s happiness. So it would be safe to say we have the ability to pass along some of that happiness we learnt.

A conversation is a two way street, not a battle of right of ways.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy.

Steve  Curtis

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