Everything has a cycle. Yup, that’s my attention grabbing, please read this opening line. From sun up to sunset, spring to winter, inhale to exhale, and who can forget our sleep pattern. Insomniac are probably ranting expletives and I’m cool with that. So, what about our happiness? Does it have a cycle? Believe it or not depression helps with happiness. Think of a balloon; a pretty pink, full of air balloon. Now, suppose we filled it up with air. This represents happiness. Then we release some of the air. You got it. This represents depression. Too much depression and the balloon goes flat and there is no happiness left inside. On the extreme flip side of this scenario, let’s keep adding air. More, more, and more brings our balloon to the point of almost popping. It is stressed the {whoops} out. For the love of science and chaos we add one more breath. POP! Our balloon turns to pink mist.

Maintaining a healthy happiness takes work. In the Who Am I blog we covered self-identification. Finding ourselves is important as finding happiness. We also covered financial happiness in The Wanting Well, It’s ludicrous how money controls our happiness. But it does. Happiness does not come easy for the non-medicated. And let’s be honest, medication just numbs the brain. So… getting back to the pretty pink balloon that we popped. We need down time just as we need times of interaction. Times will get tough and life hits us hard. We need time to mentally digest. This is where taking a long walk or meditating is helpful. To be honest, I prefer both. Meditation is a static exercise where only a small amount of energy is spent. It gives the brain a rest. Inversely, a long walk is dynamic. It provides the brain with a mundane activity that provide minimum stimulus and is a great cardio exercise. It’s literally placing one foot in front of the other and going somewhere only to end up where we started. Or, if we really want to get crazy we can use a treadmill and go nowhere. It’s all about options. There are other activities that can be utilized for a relaxed moment. The key is to find that down time. it’s important. I might go out on a limb and say it’s vital.

Wait! Are you saying depression is good?

In this context, depression is any downward feeling from an inflated experience. In the same manner that stress can be healthy, there is a health amount of depression to have. Otherwise, we would only have inflation and that can lead to mental breakdowns. Just as we breathe, there needs to be a healthy balance between inhale/ exhale, work/ relaxation, and happiness/ depression.

Before we carried away, hopelessness, gloom, and self-discontentment is not the depression that is being refer to. These depressions are extreme and toxic to one’s mental health. And so we’re clear on this subject too. It’s alright not to be happy. I don’t go around with a smile on my face 24/7. If I break a plate, I don’t shout “Ta-da.” as I joyfully sweep up the mess. That would be crazy nuts. Emotions have their ups and downs just like our blood pressure. That’s normal. So please, if you find yourself in a stressful situation, find a moment to stop, calm down, and collect yourself. If you have been on the go all week, take some time to meditate and clear your mind. Mental health is just as important as physical health. It’s all part of finding life’s happiness.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy.

Steve Curtis

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