What The Mouth Says

How many negative words do we speak each day? In a fit of rage we quickly exclaim the limitations of others, “You can’t do that!”. Or, when others point the finger at us, “It’s not my fault.”. Oh and my favorite, “I didn’t know.”. Shut the front door Sally. We all know you knew.

This is an interesting habit we develop as a child. “No.” is the first word we learn. and for the rest of our lives we are told what we cannot do. Is it any wonder why we jump at the chance to use negative words. We mimic what we see and hear. Our children are learning to use the words we use.

We correct the wrong, and ignore the good. After all, if nothing is wrong, then no attention is needed. Right? Wrong. We need to maintain the good. We check our gas gauge, bank account, and toilet paper stock. If we didn’t, then we would find ourselves on the toilet without any paper. How does this link to our word usage? Glad you asked. We don’t want people to ignore us. We need others to give us attention too. No one likes being ignored, hence the reason for being a squeaky wheel.

I am not saying we need to eliminate all use of negative words. Imagine how lame we would sound if everything was recited in a positive manner. There needs to be a balance. No one likes a Negative Nancy, but sunshine Susan can annoy us too. So, how do we find that balance? We do it by keeping our attitude in check. A positive, non-sarcastic attitude is the best approach. For those following this blog, you may have noticed this as a common denominator. A positive mindset bring positive results. It goes without saying that we go in the direction of our focus. Think of it as target fixation.

This leads us to the great tie-in. Happiness is a positive state. Being negative draws us away from our goal of being happy. Yes, our words can keep us down. If we want to live a life without constant drama, strife, turmoils, troubles, or aggravation, then we may want to watch what we say. But, it is not on us totally. Listen to those around us. Do the people we hang around talk negatively? Do they bring their troubles to us constantly? And lastly, do we need that negativity in our lives? Listening to others can have a downward effect on our happiness. Words are powerful. They should be treated with respect. In the pursuit of life’s happiness we need to filter what is said and not said. After all, our children are listening as well.

2 thoughts on “What The Mouth Says

  1. I find this true not only in our personal lives but in our professional lives. An environment with constant negative connotation is physically, emotionally and spiritually draining. When a person struggles with self confidence in general these environments can lead to an even bigger issue. Thanks for the read.

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