Third Person Happiness

I have came to the conclusion I want people-robots. Yeah, it was one of those daydreams. I’m conversing with someone when they begin yelling and screaming. Hands are waving in the air. Guess he disagreed with me. Anywho, I reached over and, like a radio knob, adjusted his nipple area of his shirt. His voice lowered. In a state of astonishment, I adjusted his other nipple shirt area. His point of view didn’t change, but the manner in which he presented it did.

[Think I need to get out more.}

I pondered for a while on how this could apply to me, to us, to everyone. Who is affected by our actions? Of course, we are affected; first person effect. People we direct that action towards; second person effect. Lastly, witnesses of our actions; third person effect. We are familiar with first and second person involvement, but do we understand the full repercussion of the third person?

Third person is often overlooked when it comes to people involved in a scenario. This is due to the fact they are indirectly involved. Our attention is on who is directly affected. By changing this, we learn to see a broader scope of who we effect. Pretend there is a sweet old man needing help crossing the street. Like any good citizen, we lend a hand. Think about who is involved with this moment. How does witnessing someone helping others affect us? Suppose we were walking slow and a young hipster begins to yell profanities at us. How is everyone effected now?

How often have we replicated the hipsters action due to being wrapped up in our moment and not looking around? Truthfully, we do it a lot. Fact: We want to be in control. If we aren’t in the driver seat, we aren’t happy. News flash people: We do not need to be in control at all times. To the person who exclaims, “If we aren’t in control, then we’re out of control.”, I would like to ask, “Is a passenger out of control?” If so, then they are the personification of the calmest “out of control” person I have ever seen.

Learn to get out of the driver seat. Look around. Enjoy the views you have missed. Who knows, you might see someone emulating your uncouth actions. Just remember, we affect everyone around us. No one is excluded. Everyone wants to experience life’s happiness, and we can give everyone a slice with a little attention to our surrounding. After all, the world doesn’t revolve around us. It revolves around our words and our actions.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy.

Steve Curtis

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