Introvert Happiness

A large number of people are introvert and don’t even know it.

“I’m not an introvert. I like people.”

Sound familiar? Introverts are not always at home setting on the sofa setting in silence staring at the walls. I’m doing it right now because I want to. I can have fun… and stuff.

Some people love being in a crowd, while others prefer solitude. Which do you find more comforting? Can a crowd be too big? Can a room be too empty? Some introverts get positive energy from being in a crowd. They may not interact with the people, but being there is awesome. Introverts can also draw positive energy from solitude. There is nothing like the sound of silence that soothes my soul.

Does this sound confusing or contradictory. Just as there are different types of music, there are different types of introverts. Some introverts like quiet times and some introverts enjoy good company. What’s important is understanding where we draw our energy. We need moments to recharge in order to perform our best. This is why some of us go to the club before a huge presentation, while others will go home and nestle with a good book. A drained soul is not a happy soul.

Small talk is not a strong suit for introverts. Interactions with others will leave some of us drained. This is especially true when we run out of things to say and find ourselves listening to others ramble on about how they believe Boy George is such and under rated artist. I just want to hug these people, pat their heads and say, “There, there, there.” Then walk away.

My Navy Command use to throw picnics and it was a mandatory fun time. I disliked being in a crowd. I’d make my rounds, chat with enough people to let them know I was there, then stand at the grill and flip burgers. Yup, that grill master is a hidden introvert. I’m hiding behind that wall of smoke. (Not always)

I remember going to church when I was young. I did this up until my twenties. People walked out of the building all energized and ready to go. I didn’t. I learnt things and I gained insight, but I didn’t get that same power-up experience from being in a hot crowded room. I felt more energized from reading the scriptures in the solitude of my own home. For years I thought there was something wrong with me. But, with everything in life, we come to the realization that it’s OK to be different. It’s about finding what makes us happy.

Always be honest with yourself. Sure, we would love to be the life of the party and have everyone always wanting us to come over. Until we realize that we may like crowds, but not a lot of interaction. We may even get good at small talk, but not the lime light attention. There is a happy balance. Find it and embrace it. Everyone deserves to find life’s happiness; even if we do it in solitude.

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and find life’s happiness.

Steve Curtis

18 thoughts on “Introvert Happiness

  1. I completely understand this post. I’m an introvert, but I recently discovered that my one place to love people is working in retail. After I treated my depression and social anxiety I realized it was easier to be open with people. I still dislike crowds and conventions are my worst nightmare, but I definitely found a balance of people and solitude.

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  2. I love that you wrote this Steve. I could relate to so many things that you talked about- the awkwardness during small talk, feeing drained after being around people all day. I already knew I was an introvert, and I love reading about this type of personality. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Growing up as a pastors daughter without realizing that being Introverted was a thing , was so hard for me. I loved learning but left church drained and started to associate it with me not being like everyone else. I thought something was wrong with me or that I hated people but I was wrong.

    Great post!

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  4. I used to think there was something wrong with me too, for preferring to not be in a large crowd. I either like small crowds that are with people I’m close to and with good conversation, one-on-one good conversation, or at home in solitude. I used to force myself to the club so I wouldn’t feel like an oddball. Now, I’ve accepted who I am and I prefer meaningful relating or nothing.

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  5. I am a classic introvert.
    I’ve learned I need people. I pay attention to my feelings.. if I feel depressed..I get around people at a coffee shop..or church works if I don’t talk to many.
    When around people..when I get anxious..I know it’s time to go..n have quiet recovery time alone.
    Peace friend.
    You resonate w many.

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