Heaven Isn’t What We Think

Imagine a place with no struggles, no pain, no challenges. Nothing can hold us down. All of our dreams come true and everyone gets their way. In this magical world there are no losers. Welcome to heaven y’all.

In my opinion, this is more like “Welcome to Boreville”. A place with no challenges sounds like Snoozapalooza. But why? Why do we need challenges? Is heaven going to be challenging? Am I Going To Be A Failure In Heaven Too?! Sorry couldn’t resist the humor of inserting the word “too”. 

In order to enjoy an event or place we must find satisfaction. Which means we have requirements and certain boundaries that we enjoy. What’s enjoyable to one may not be enjoyed by all. Maintaining these boundaries is how we regulate the pleasure we experience. But what about the challenges? Why would heaven have challenges? Simply put, we need satisfaction. We require that feeling of accomplishment. That “I did it” moment is more vital to our happiness than most give credit. We don’t just want to climb that mountain. The need for a struggle is real.

If we take a look at our lives right now, how many of us feel as though we are in a rut. Eat, work, sleep embodies our lives. There are no challenges, accomplishments, or goals outside of these three activities. But we don’t have to live in a Bland-topia. By setting small goals, we give ourselves a little change and a chance to say “Hooray”. Serious note: I prefer “Ta-da”. Once little goals become the norm, we need to set bigger goals. This doesn’t mean we need to overload our plate. Instead, we need to replace small goals with bigger goals. If you are wondering, yes bigger goals translates to less goals. Bigger goals take more time to accomplish. (Just so we are all on the same page).

Let’s say our goal is to visit a new place. A nice easy place to start is our hometown. Find a park or hiking trail. Or perhaps a new store to window shop. From here we can plan a road trip to the neighboring town. Then next we can plan a weekend vacation to another state. The idea is to start small with our goal then grow.

I believe heaven will fulfill our satisfactions. That’s why I believe we will have struggles and accomplishments. That’s not a bad thing. Look how far we have come within the last 100 years overcoming obstacles. We were built for problem solving. It’s what we do best, and it makes us feel good.

Our satisfaction changes from person to person. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to defining what makes us happy. If life has us down, perhaps we need to look for satisfaction. A new hobby may be in order. Shall we dare to plant a small herb garden? It doesn’t sound like a challenge, right? Just put some plants in a dirt and watch them grow. One would be surprised at the difficulty faced with such a simple hobby. Nevertheless, the simple satisfaction derived from this can enhance our experience; and our happiness. And that my friends, is my point. We need to be satisfied. It’s what makes us happy.

So, until the next blog live life, be happy, and find life’s happiness.



Steve Curtis

5 thoughts on “Heaven Isn’t What We Think

  1. You are quite the philosopher. 🙂 You also have a lot in common with Solomon, who had the same questions in Ecclesiastics. But if you are really curious, I suggest a book called, ‘Imagine Heaven’ by John Burke. Sometimes we can over think things, but that makes the best writing. I enjoyed your poem in the previous post. Keep wondering and asking questions, it keeps you young.

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