The Jealous Leap

Imagine landing a dream job that required no work, but the pay was outstanding. At first one may show signs of excitement and thrill. “I can’t believe they pay me this much to set here and do nothing.” Maximum pay with little effort. Woo-hoo!

Upon further inquiries we learn that most people end up quitting the job. That’s why it pays so much. “Who in their right mind would leave a job like this?” Six months roll by and we watch new people get hired then get promoted. We still have our dream job of doing … nothing, going nowhere, nor speaking with no one. Yep, at least we have our dream job. Six more months roll by and we are still in the same spot doing absolutely nothing, while others are getting promoted. We are going nowhere. “No woo-hoo’s now. Janet!”

We begin to ask ourselves “Why do they get promoted and I don’t? I deserve a promotion too.” This, my friends, is jealousy. Despite having the highest paying job in the company, (did I forget to mention that?) we grew bored with what we have. A promotion means a fresh start, and new beginnings. In our position we will never have the challenge of networking with new clients and climbing a new ladder.

Our dream job doesn’t sound so dreamy. This applies to other aspects of our lives; house, car, husband, wife, or anything we associate with. Someone will always be in a better position than us. They will always have a newer product. We  take our position and how lucky we are for granted. People climbing the corporate ladder are wishing to be paid to do nothing. We never listen to hear them say “Man, you have it great.” We are so focused on what we don’t have, we lose sight of what we do have. Ever hear of a person walking away from a perfect marriage to marry some else. Newsflash: Nothing is perfect.

This is what envy does to us. We lose value in what we have. We leap for greener pastures without any appreciation for the one we have at hand. We foolishly forsake everything we have worked so hard for. It is a self-destruction that we must overcome.

How do we prevent this jealous leap? Appreciate what we have. Find contentment in not having the latest and greatest. If we are judged by others for not having the latest gizmo, then we need to reconsider the quality of people we associate with. No one should belittle others for the sake of stature. How juvenile.

No matter where we are in life (whether starting fresh or gaining veteran status) there is one thing we all must learn. The corporate ladder is nothing more than a hamster wheel turning the gears of the company machine. There will always be someone above us. We will always beacon to the needs of others. So don’t give up that dream job, car, house, husband, wife, or life for what appears to be a better position. For once it’s gone, it’s gone.

Change is not bad, but a jealous leap can lead us somewhere far from where we want to be. Don’t get snared into this trap. If what we have is broken, then we should learn how to fix it. Not everything in this world is disposable. Taking self-pride in what we have and where we are will go a long ways.

So, until the next blog live life, be happy, and find life’s happiness.

Steve Curtis

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