OCEAN-5 Traits- Openness

This week we start by jumping into the acronym with openness. Just as the word states, a person who scores high in the openness trait is more likely to be adventurous, social, and open-minded. New ideas and expressions tickle their interest. Creativity shines in the work they produce. A person of openness does not merely work, they spawn an expression.

The Good:

The imagination knows no limits. Unlike an overly analytical person, a person who thinks outside of the box will produce new solutions to new problems. This is why researchers, advertisers, designers, and landscapers need creativity. A person of openness is not afraid to ask what if. No, they dance outside of conventional thinking. Outgoing and adventurous, they seek new ideas and plow onward to unthought thoughts of thinkingness… and stuff. Thus, my friends, these majestic brainstormers cannot be entertained by Dolly Parton’s 9-5. They need substance; not monotony. For the love of jelly beans, do not cubicaltize (made up word) these poor souls.

The Bad:

What could be so bad with a little creativity? In a cookie cut world, flair and design is needed like a breath of fresh air; unless precession is needed time after time after time. There are things in this world that do require a lack of creativity. Working a non-stimulating factory assembly line job everyday, every month, for 40 some years is not for the person who craves new experiences. In tandem,  cubicle life, as mentioned earlier, can mentally drain a person who loves to meet new people on a daily basis. Or even worse, monotonous life can lead a person of openness to depression. The lack of inspiration, creativity, or problem solving can be mentally damaging.

The Truth:

It is rare that a person scores absolute on openness. Honestly, most of us score somewhere in the middle. We have a healthy balance between “what is” and “what if”. We need to be mindful of those who like change, and those who embrace a monotonous lifestyle. Never assume a person of openness is creative or a great problem solver. They may be adventurous or love meeting new people.  Understanding this trait and how we fall within it will help us understand how we act and react to our environment.

Keep in mind that we can change our trait score.  Perhaps not overnight, but it can be done. A person who refrains from being social and open to new experiences can learn to enjoy meeting new people and trying new things. As we go through life we change. Our likes and interests in our 20’s no longer seem to be in view in our 40’s. Don’t think it’s true?  Try partying with 20 year olds when you turn 40. Like a slap in the face reality shows us how much we have changed. As stated in the Introductory Blog please do not run out and try to change others. This is for us to self-evaluate and assess what changes we need. This is how we become the person we want to be. Or, maintain the person we love being.

There we have. Come back next week as we explore conscientiousness.

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and find life’s happiness.


Steve Curtis

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