Driver’s Seat

Left hand steers as the right hand shifts.

Left foot clutches, the right never lifts.

Music blares. The bass keeps time.

Passing everyone, leave ’em all behind.


Nobody drives quite like me.

Hit the corner and everyone’s leanin’

Tires burning fast . “Why y’all screamin’?”

We have all been in a car with that friend who thought they could drive like a bat out of hello! They had no idea why we thought their driving was dangerous. Yes, they drove fast. But they claimed they were good at it. This is the power of the driver’s seat. As long as they are in control, they do not see the danger. It’s OK. They’ve got this. Right!?

So often we act like this driver. We say things, do things, or take control of situations only to get confused when others react in a negative manner. Ever have the friend that wants to plan everything. Perhaps we are that friend. Expletive! Being in control is safe; at least for us. We like being in control. How are we to feel comfortable if we are not in control? Believe it or not, if we are the driver, then the passenger should dictate the level of pleasure. Some passengers love high speed, while others bask in a casual ride. As a driver, it’s not about us.

I’m sure 20 minds just got blown.

Our driving skills should provide enjoyment, not fear. As with our driving, our actions and words towards others should be just as enjoyable. If I have a disagreement with another person, I don’t charge full speed ahead. Rather, a couth approach goes farther. It’s alright to disagree. It’s not alright to go on a willy-nilly rampage.

So next time we converse, perhaps we should let someone else drive. Afterall, there is so much to hear and see when we are just riding and listening.

Steve Curtis

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