OCEAN-5 Traits- Extroversion

Extroverts are outgoing, love to chat, social butterflies of the world. Engaging in conversations or activities provides a chance to recharge their batteries. Solitude stand back! These people have hands to shake, topics to discuss, and parties to attend.

My earlier post, Extrovert Happiness, covered many aspects of this trait. So why review it. Because, like many things in life, we change. People who are extroverts as young adults may grow to become more introverted. Without an understanding of this trait one may assume they are depressed or chemically unbalanced. We all have that one friend who specializes in WebMD.

The Good:

A person with a high score in extroversion loves to engage themselves. This can include activities, conversations, or community events. Their skill at networking is unsurpassed. They appear to know everyone (or they know a guy who knows a guy). A resource like this is great for sales, advertising, and event planning. Because they often interject they control the mood within a crowd.

The Bad:

They control the mood within the crowd. But we just said that in The Good section. Welcome to the two edged sword of negative and positive personalities. Believe it or not, not all extroverts are positive. Ever know a person who has nothing positive to say, and yet, they still interject. Maybe we fall into that category. Extroverts have a hard time working alone. They prefer group setting. This trait is evident in our youth. Some children shy away from group activities. While other children seem lost when forced to work alone. Adults do the same thing.

The Truth:

Most of us are ambiverts. A quick look into this trait was covered in Ambivert Happiness. As with the other traits we covered, our level of extroversion can change over time. Understanding how to maintain a positive mindset will enhance our happiness. We need to charge our batteries from time to time. Different traits require different environments. Learning the difference may prevent depression or anxiety.

I’ve seen introverts grow into extroverts and extroverts into introverts. Our interests and appreciations change over time. How boring of a life this would be if we never changed. We were meant for growth. Therefore, we were meant to learn.

What makes us happy now, may not satisfy that need as we get older. It would be wise for us to keep an open mind and watch those who have found their happiness. Someday we may find ourselves in their shoes. It would be nice to already have the answer when it arrives.

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and find life’s happiness.


Steve Curtis

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