Come To Me Bro!

Oh if I had a T-shirt with that saying. Sure it’s suppose to say “Come at me”. But who in their right mind wants someone to come at them. 

All too often we are wrapped up in our emotions. We forget that the person we are talking to has feelings too. Why? Number one reason is we hurt. And, we want others to hurt as much as we do so that they may understand how much we hurt. Why should we be the only one feeling this pain. Share the wealth… right?

Wrong. Spreading pain, discontentment, lies, rumors, or any other form of emotional drama is juvenile. If we are to find happiness in this life, we need to reach a professional status. Being professional is not for work alone. No this trait is for every aspect of our lives. It’s what separates the disciplined from the undisciplined. Trust me when I say it’s not our nature to be professional. When someone shows restraint, cordialness, and proper courtesies, they are showing others they care. A person with this character is easy to respect; as they often show respect towards others. 

Pouring gasoline on fire is not the smartest way to extinguish the flame. Its like solving a problem with negativity. Nothing positive will come from it. So how do we “come to” rather than “come at”. For one drop the attitude. That’s right. As my grandmother would say, “Fix your face.” Afterwards we need to think about what we are about to say. Be professional. Using expletives is not professional. Stay calm throughout the conversation. If we have nothing calm to say, then we have nothing to say. Yelling, screaming, or fighting only raises the stress levels and makes us look like we belong in the movie Airplane.

So until the next blog, live life, be happy, and find life’s happiness.

Steve Curtis

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