Clutter and Attitude

What three things makes us happy? If I were to narrow our happiness down to only three things, This would be the list.

First on the list is location. Our environment contributes a large amount to our happiness. We need serenity and order, not chaos and clutter. I’m in the process of organizing my study. Unfortunately, this event led to a very clutter room. The amount of dissatisfaction I have with its current state is what inspired this weeks blog.

We all need a place without clutter. For some, that place is a simple clean desk. For others, it’s a room with a clearing in the center. Whatever tickles your fancy, it’s important to get there; also known as “Our happy place”.

Clutter, noise, and distractions can make for an unhappy-place. Our environment should bring a sense of peace, order, and enjoyment. Like a garage with organization that brings a sense of accomplishment and pride with just one glance. However, getting there is no picnic.

Speaking of picnic’s, The second item on our list pertains to the people we have in our lives. A person who smiles and speaks positively is more motivating than a “Negative-Nancy”. Like clutter, we should never have people who just hang around and contribute nothing. Where’s the fun in that?

We don’t need random people in our lives. What we need is quality people around us. By evaluating their traits we can assess who contributes more towards our happiness. This will vary from person to person. I dislike company who repeats the words “I” and “me” alot. Like a Toby Keith song, occasionally I want to talk about me. Now with this said, I am not stating we need to judge others. Rather, I am suggesting that we should evaluate how we act and react towards others. Everyone is not for everyone. Find a clique and enjoy the moments. As we get older, those cliques will change.

And this brings me to the final major thing that affects our happiness; events. There are moments in our lives that brings us to tears, and those that bring us to those other tears. A new born child, a long deserved “thank you”, and hurricanes can make or break our outlook on life. Each of these have the potential for good tears, or bad tears. Trust me, surviving a Cat4 hurricane and reuniting with family afterwards can bring tears. Been there, done that.

But, on a daily basis, there are things we do that have the same effect. The commute to work, picking out our wardrobe for the day, or getting the mail. Our attitude towards these tasks can dictate our enjoyment. Even a bad moment can have a good feeling. This happens when our expectation of the negative impact outweighs the actual impact.

In each of these listed items we control how we act or react. It is up to us to take responsibility and own our action. That person didn’t cause us to have a bad day. A flat tire didn’t ruin the trip. Rain on a wedding day isn’t bad. Our attitude caused us to have a bad day. Our attitude ruined the trip. And Yes, our attitude caused us to believe our rainy wedding was bad. On average, people are just people, a day is just a day, and a location is just a location. We only need to find the people, location, and moments that make us happy. Like a lot of things in life, this is easier said than done. But, with the right mindset we can acquire each on a daily basis.

Keep the clutter low and attitude clean.

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and find life’s happiness.

Steve Curtis

2 thoughts on “Clutter and Attitude

  1. I like what you said in this post. Speaking of clutter, after having to move out of our house for 5 months when a remodel went awry, I took major advantage of the opportunity to eliminate a huge amount of clutter. I started on it before the remodel. And did even more as we slowly moved stuff back into the house from the garage. And, what also helped keep us from losing our minds was our attitude through that entire event! 🙂

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