Hurricane Again

So here I am in another hurricane. Ever since I joined the Navy (back in the 1900’s) I have been station on the east coast and in new orleans. Now that I’m retired I live on the east coast again. Seriously close to the coast. It’s at the end of our road. I dont mind hurricanes as much. There are signs when it’s ok to stay or run.

Get prepared and stay prepared. The worse thing a person can do is change their plans while in the peak of catastrophe. I’m not referring to when a plan is compromised. Nope, I’m talking about those who are safe but get the urge to run. It happens a lot. Don’t do that.

There will always be a better plan. However, sticking with a decision is the best course of action. Even if we second guess ourselves, see it out. Stay the course. Keep the eye on the prize. You get the pic.

Well, it’s starting to get dark. So I’m out. In the mean time keep those chins up and shoulders back, and believe in yourself.

Until next blog, live life and be happy and find life’s happiness.

Steve Curtis

3 thoughts on “Hurricane Again

  1. When I was a little girl, my dad was stationed in Okinawa shortly after WWII. We had typhoons there, and we lived in quonsets, so we had to go to special shelters as those quonsets got taken town by the typhoons easily. I remember my dad was there for a time before we could go there to join him and during that time, there was a typhoon that was huge. Gone With the Wind was playing then, and I remember he had a photo of the sign for the movie, and the whole movie theater was gone. That was enough for me for sure.

    Glad you know the right thing to do and as Dogma Depot said, you seem very well prepared which is critical always. Thank you kindly.

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