Who Is In Our Mirror

Our eyes open to greet another day. Not everyone is as lucky. As we look at the one in the mirror, we allow negativity to flow from our tongues in a river of disdain. Curse the morning aches, the bills that drive us to break, and curse the fools around us. How fortunate we are to be alive is distant from our thoughts. How foolish we take life for granted. It’s easy to find the bad in every situation. Only the wise seek the good every moment, but we call them the crazies. The difference between a good day and a bad day is our perception. Whether we say we are having a good day or not, we are correct. We speak our fate into existence. Learn to love more, listen more, hate less, and talk less. We are born with two eyes, two ears, one nose, and one mouth. We are wise to use them in accordance.

Among those we meet today, who will fade away before tomorrow? Stay humble and be quick to show kindness. Will we bring joy or discomfort on their final day? Are we a beacon for happiness?

Never take life too seriously. Love the tolerant souls. They have found value in every aspect of life. Reject the intolerant. They spread hate and discontent with no end in sight. They are the antithesis of love. When we find happiness, we discover who we are. As kindness and compassion become us, the actions given will return. It is a universal law. People are quick to ask, “Why do bad things happen to good people?” “Bad things” happen to all, as “good things” happen as well. Life is not on our schedule. We must stay flexible and take each moment with a good heart.

Live a simple life. More moving parts equal a higher fail rate. This law of engineering is valid in our daily life as well. We have a lot on our plate. Piling more distractions does not improve our situation. Time is valuable. We only have a limited number of seconds on this Earth. Once the zero-hour hits, the dance is over. With no more course for correction, this is the moment we will see who is in our mirror.

Steve Curtis


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