Lack-luster Superiors

Superior: to be higher in station, rank, or degree.

A humble beginning fades from our eyes as we climb the corporate ladder. Not only have we earned the respect of others, we demand it. Love us, fear us; either way, you will do as we say. We are in charge. We will tell you what to do and how to do it. If it weren’t for us, you wouldn’t have this job. You are expendable.

Welcome to the deplorable mindset of lack-luster bosses everywhere. Office structure is useful for identifying positions, position oriented tasks, and responsibilities. Some billets will have more responsibilities than others. But, contrary to the modern conception of leadership, no human is higher than the other. In layman’s term, the janitor is as important as the CEO.

Although we are all human, the difference lies within the pay. A bigger paycheck equals a better lifestyle. More pay leads to a higher status — thus separating the two positions. Rare is the moment we find a person who can fill the top seat and maintain their humility. Be that person.

Time and time again, we hear power mongers scowl, “Do you know who I am?” Power often gives a person a “better-than” mindset. Rank is nothing more than a gifted authority. We would do well to remember this. Why would one person belittle another? Because society teaches us to allow this. A person in a high position has the right to down talk a coworker of lower rank. But a person of the lower level has no right to talk to a superior in this manner. Abolish this horrible mindset. We do not have the right to belittle anyone. Scolding and ranting have no place in modern business. Be professional at all times and groom deficiencies. A leader lifts their subordinates in the eyes of their peers and corrects in private. Power and humility rarely share the same position. Be that rarity.

Steve Curtis

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