And The Race Is On

In the metaphorical race we call life, I stopped running. The herd left me behind. My pace became comfortable, and I enjoyed the scenery, smell, and sounds around me. In a strange twist of fate, I noticed the other runners never left my field of view no matter how fast or far they ran.

From a distance, I watched as they competed against each other. Pushing and tripping maintained one’s lead. Humanity sat on the back burner while self-interest took priority. “Lead, follow, or get out of the way.” echoed through the ranks. It was a polite way of saying, “Move, you’re in my way.”

Animosity ran thick as I watched lies, and rumors spread from ear to ear. Groups began to form. “Us against them” divided the runners. Soon the groups were sabotaging each other. “You don’t know what it’s like to be us.” This struggle for attention and sympathy appeared to bond the groups together.

I continued to walk. Not tired nor out of breath, I enjoyed the beauty around me. Did the other runners see it? Something developed from my new-found world. I began to smile more, and my stress was less. Days turned to weeks, weeks to months, and months to years as I walked and enjoyed life. I forgot about the race. Still, as I look around, I haven’t lost sight of the runners fighting for first. New runners have joined while older runners have faded.

It saddens me how selfish humans are. The length a person will go to get attention, be first, or dominate others has no limits. Everyone has mud on their hands from trying to get ahead. Good guys don’t finish first. But here’s the revelation about this run. It’s a circle track, no beginning, no end. The secret to this life is to enjoy the field. Finding our happiness is the primary goal.

There is no top or bottom. There is no first or last. It’s a gaggle of humans on a rock doing laps around a star. Take time to enjoy the run. Stop competing. Focus on presenting the best. Sometimes our best isn’t enough. That’s alright. We learn and grow from these moments, not harming others. Sharing the spotlight is maturity. Hoarding or fighting for the spotlight is juvenile. The best recognition comes unexpectedly. If we are doing our best, it will happen. The cream always floats to the top. We will rise.

Enjoy your time on this track, my friends. No one stays forever.

Steve Curtis

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