Eye 2 Eye

It’s OK not to see eye to eye.Though some humans may think on similar terms as others, no two think alike. Our perspective makes us unique. With this in mind, it is an excellent time to remember disagreements are nothing more than a view from a different angle.

Wisdom conveys that a room full of yes-men will never challenge conventional thinking. A Venn diagram should not have the appearance of a circle. It defeats the purpose of the chart. Allow others to express different opinions.

Agree to disagree and stick to the premise of the gathering. If we are at a family picnic, then our premise is family fellowship. All too often, we have that uncle who has to argue politics. He will not rest until he finds conformation. Ranting and raving do not produce a positive atmosphere. Being told we are correct does not make it so. Stick to the premise of the gathering.

We are unique sources of inspiration. The more we express our views and listen (very important to do that as well) to others, we find common ground. Two people may have a more substantial common ground than twenty. It is something to consider. If the point of agreement is too small, then the group may be too big. If everyone agrees on everything, then we need a new group as well, just putting that out there. Ever notice how small groups form within a collective. We are not assimilated. We do not have like-minds.

It’s OK not to see eye to eye. There is nothing wrong with having a different perspective. We are not stupid for thinking differently. However, if we do not agree with the goal of the group, then the group may not be for us to interact. We may need to sit and listen until we find a group that we can see eye to eye. It does not mean run away from home or quit your job. It means we may be wrong. We may be that uncle causing a scene. If so, then we need to pause, recollect ourselves, and find common ground to stand on. Sometimes the mere truth that we are a family is the only common ground. There are times I’m not sure I wasn’t adopted. My birth certificate proves otherwise.

There will always be a disagreement of opinions. Everyone will not like our point of view all the time. There is nothing wrong with that. Chastising others for not agreeing is wrong. We have the right to think on our terms. It is wise to weigh our own opinion as well. Are we a stumbling block for the group? Sometimes we are and don’t even realize it. Always consider the possibility we may be wrong. It will go a long way in life.

If we are to find life’s happiness, then we need to learn how to sort through difficult times as well. Communication and listening are two huge factors. There is happiness to be found when we do not see eye to eye. Find that common ground.

Steve Curtis


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