Post-Christmas Blues

A soft glow from our laptop illuminates our stress-filled face as we hopelessly gaze at our bank account. Christmas is over, and what have we done. A feeling of buyer’s regret settles in as we question the pursuit of our Christmas happiness.

Beware of these times. Depression is a demon that preys on desperate hearts. We will get through this. Despite this terrible feeling, this is not the end of the world. The solution lies with not repeating what brought us to this state.

It would behoove us to write down our feelings. What is our current mindset? (scared, uncertain, or terrified) After identifying our emotions, take a moment to brainstorm solutions. What mistakes did we make? How can we avoid repeating our actions? Now it is time to take our solutions and form a plan. From the list of solutions, choose the most sensible actions. Times may get tight as we dig out way out of debt. That is all right. We all have been there at some point. With proper planning, our situation will get better.

We are the source of our happiness. Yes, waking up and hearing everyone “oo” and “aw” over the gifts we wrapped is a great sensation. However, it is temporary, and that “upper” has a potential “downer.” Having a simple “one gift Christmas” next year may prove more budget-friendly.

The point is, having a plan is the first step to overcoming the post-Christmas blues. This type of depression affects millions every year. It will prove beneficial for us to identify our profound feeling early. Ignoring our problems will not make them go away. Take it from someone who tried that solution several times over. It always leads to more significant problems and more aggravation.

Make a plan and stick to it. If the post-Christmas blues are to much to handle, it may be in our best interest to talk to a professional counselor. Seek assistance before the situation gets out of control. Remember, making mistakes is being human. Ignoring our mistakes is being irresponsible. We are above that mindset.

May those suffering from post-Christmas blues find the better days we all deserve.

Steve Curtis

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