Love Who We Are

Love yourself with a humble mind before loving others. All too often, we set our eyes away from ourselves and forget to look inward. Our generous nature drives us to help others. Kindness drives us to help. However, a sad soul cannot provide solid happiness. 

We are worth loving. We may not see our importance, but one cannot live in this world without making a difference. A kind word, gentle smile, or act of generosity affects everyone around us. We are a source of kindness, and we would do well to appreciate this aptitude. 

Never take for granted how extraordinary our lives are. Turn off the TV and radio, and begin listening to the absence of propaganda. Remove all negativity. It will mean that fewer people will be around. But, a group of quality people is better than a mob. This world will not sing our praises without us first doing a deed. This love is conditional. Abstain from it. We deserve unconditional love. It means we must love ourselves without conditions. We have failed many times. Show me a person who has never failed, and I will show you a person who has not lived. 

You are going to fail.

There is nothing wrong with failing. It means that we discovered how “not to.” Everyone is fighting for perfection. Society condemns errors to the point of embarrassment, but we are better than this. If those around us cannot accept failure as a part of life, then we should not allow them into ours. 

Happiness is essential for life. We all deserve to have joy in our lives. Do not let guilt be a stumbling block. We must forgive ourselves just as we forgive others. Stop trying to maintain an impossible stature and let go of the past. We will go farther without yesterday’s burden. 

The search for why we are here or our purpose in life is a trail full of self-doubt. Instead, celebrate your existence. There is only one you. No one can take that away. We have the power to see the good or bad in our life. The choice is ours. 

To increase our serotonin levels, perhaps watching funny clips will change our mood. We are in control. We deserve and need to set time aside for ourselves. An over-taxed soul will burn out. That is one form of depression. Relaxation and “us time” is essential for recharging our batteries. 

If someone demands attention all the time, aside from an infant, then we should question this “take all/ give none” relationship. No one deserves our attention 24/7. Lose the drama, and enjoy who you are. 

In conclusion, if we cannot pull ourselves up, then we need to seek assistance. Talk to that level-headed friend, or seek professional guidance. We can find our happiness. It takes time, and time spent on ourselves is time well spent. 

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