Keeping Negativity At Bay

Bickering Betty’s, Negative Nancy’s, and Drama Darla’s are everywhere. With an eye regularly turned towards the bad side of life, these are the ones who are quick to “stir the pot.” Never underestimate their effects on our lives. If we are to find happiness, then we must monitor with whom we spent time.

Taking responsibility for our happiness is essential. After all, it is ours to maintain. Never blame situations or people for our unhappiness. Life is not perfect, and we will have unsteady moments. However, after every storm, we will pick up the pieces and recover. The same goes for negative people we let in our lives.

After a nor’ eastern brings its destructive force, the sun comes out, and people begin assessing the damage. A similar assessment should follow our interactions with others. Were their words positive and encouraging? Did they gossip, complain, and or criticize everything?

We overcome harsh storms by picking up the pieces and cleaning the debris. Cleaning our friends-list and monitoring whom we interact with will prove just as beneficial. Socializing with fewer people can bring less stress. Quality over quantity is the key here. Finding people who embrace our interests in life is vital for our happiness. It is also important to note that we should support our friends. Friendship is not a one-way street.

Some may say keep your friends close and your enemies closer, but I like to embrace my friends and keep my enemies at an arms-length away. After all, a welcome mat at the door doesn’t mean everyone can enter.

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