Work Hard, Stay Humble

Face it, unless we have money coming from our wazoo, we need to work. We could mooch off of our friends and family. After all, everyone is eager to give to charities, right? Believe it or not, there are people with this mindset. Work is what those “other people” do. I’m sure the argument about taxes would come up too. Well, people, money is essential for daily living. Most of us wake up before sunrise and drive our tails into work, and for what? So we can listen to our bosses complain about how the impossible quota isn’t getting met? Shut the front door, man! 

Whoa, sorry about that. Any-who, we all need to pay our bills, raise our children, and buy our toys. Yes, needing to go to work does not sit well with most of us, and yet we get up and face the drama every day. How we face the music determines our attitude towards it. I’m not saying we should fake our happiness and act like we love our job like “Smiling” Suzanne in accounting. Instead, we need to find the positive in our daily routine and savor those moments like having a single cup of coffee for the whole week. 

Now that we are at work let’s talk about work etiquette. How do we treat our boss, coworkers, custodians, and clients? Professionally speaking, we should treat them all equally. I know many people who beg to differ. “Each position has earned its level of respect.” This mindset would mean the boss is higher than the workers. And yet, where would the boss be without the workers?

No human is better than the next. Sure, it may be challenging to comprehend when we place so much value on the amount of money or power one has. Trust me, all souls great and small are equal. To differ from this mindset would be similar to ranking all the parts in a mechanical watch. Every part relies on the next. Stay humble. The boss is our dependent, as he relies on the quality of our job. And we are dependent on the custodians. It’s like a symbiotic circle.

Having a humble mindset at work is an essential step in maintaining our happiness. When we treat others with a high level of professionalism, that attitude returns to us like a soft-hearted boomerang. Think of it as the positive side of karma. After all, its not your boss’ fault that he’s a jerk. He’s just barking orders that upper management yelled to him. We are all human, and we all hate being at work, even the boss. 

2 thoughts on “Work Hard, Stay Humble

  1. Very interesting!
    My question is what about the idea that if you love what you do you won’t hate to go to work?
    And let’s be realistic, sometimes the boss is the jerk just because that who he/she is, not necessarily because of the upper management.


    • Turning a hobby or interest into a career should warrant caution. I love to cook and friends and family agree I should open a bbq shop. However, meeting the demands of my friends and family differ from the public. It can be done. Self-employment is a beast, and should not be taken lightly. I like your angle and is worth venturing. 🙂


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