COVID-19 Blues

Amid times of bad news, happiness is hard to come by. Desperation buries what little hope we desperately hold. Reports of sickness and death paint the newsroom. Drama is their business, and business is good.

How does one maintain a positive attitude during these times? The mood of our environment affects our position.  We need to remember to surround ourselves with positivity. A simple act of listening to Pop or Dance music can make any situation better. And for crying out loud, turn off the media. Twitter or Facebook won’t help matters. Listening to people complaining weighs us down. We absorb the contents that surround us. Ever hear someone say they are a product of their environment. They are not wrong. This world is full of filth. Filtering what we take in helps keep our emotions in check. 

Quiet times are serene times. Take a break each day. Perhaps when we first wake up is the only time of day we have alone. Even if it is only for fifteen minutes a day, sit and listen to silence. Breathe with the lower abdomen. Then before ending our rest, visualize completing each priority needed for the day. It’s all right if we don’t get everything accomplished today.

The earlier in life, we learn the last statement of the previous paragraph, the sooner we find our happiness. Rushing raises our anxiety. Slow and steady wins the race. After slowing down, stop worrying. Worry is a waste of time. If I am worrying, then I am not planning. If I do not have a plan, then I have no course of action for overcoming my struggles. I will say it again, worrying is a waste of time. 

The mere fact that we woke up is proof that hope still exists in this world. 

We affect everyone around us. It is up to us if it is positive or negative. Yes, the world is still complaining about sickness and death. But, we do not need to consume it. We are the source of happiness and positivity that the world needs. Like storms, this crisis will blow over, and we will pick up the pieces. But until we reach that point, spend only a fraction of the day gathering news and the majority of it listening to good music, or whatever brings a warm feeling to the soul. 

Be a source of positivity. No matter how ignorant others may sound, we need to maintain a high level of professionalism. If a friend calls to vent, allow them to talk their little heart blue. Some people cope by venting to others. I’m not one for encouraging others to chime in with a person that wants to get something off their chest. Unless they ask for our input or opinion, we should only acknowledge that we heard them. This takes discipline because we want to help or say the right thing that will bring comfort. If what they are saying doesn’t align with our values or perspective then we shouldn’t state they are wrong. If they ask for our opinion, then we should state alternative methods, motives, or avenues of thinking. Nothing in this natural world is absolute. 

As we go through our modified daily routine, keep in mind that this crisis will pass. Brighter days are coming. On a personal note, everything is still going as normal. I believe the lifestyle and habits I had before this pandemic is what specialist referred to as quarantined. I suppose that is the joy of being an introvert. Stay well, my friends. 

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