Down and Out

Down and out: One may be down, but they are never out until they admit it.

Most of us have lived long enough to realize that every day is not full of sunshine. Clouds will come and dampen the spirit. Storms will barge in and test our nerves. These are the times we must stay strong.

Physical health: “If you’re hungry, drink water.” my mother preached this to me when I was a child. One cannot fault her logic; many health issues form from dehydration over a long period. This knowledge is why the military preaches hydration. So, I make sure to drink at least two liters/ quarts a day. Yes, a gallon of water is preferred, but that amount is too much for me. I get bogged down. Not to mention the bathroom breaks. Listen to the body. It knows what it needs.
Eat smartly. It is expensive to eat healthily. So, if we are on a budget, then know what’s in the food. Read the labels and take vitamins to supplement the microwave meatloaf. There are a plethora of articles on “How to eat Healthily on a Budget.” I could get on a soapbox here, but I believe we get the picture.

Exercise daily: Go for a walk, do crunches, sit-ups, or something. The important thing here is to take time each day and move. Let’s pretend a pandemic has broken out, and we are not allowed to leave the house. And the kids are anxious to do anything. “What now, Steve?”. It sounds like someone needs a dance-off. Take fifteen minutes to an hour a day and dance; no weights, no counting, just music, and sweet movements. Just for the record, I have no choreography skills. But I love to move. Plus, it’s in the privacy of my own home.

Mental health: Read daily. For me, I love reading the newspaper. By taking the time to read, we mentally exercise our minds. Do puzzles. Whether crosswords or Sudoku, Puzzles help develop and maintain our problem-solving skills. Abstain from over-consumption of alcohol. Memory loss is a common side effect of over drinking. No health-conscious individual sits down and drinks a case of energy drinks in one sitting. This scenario also applies to beer. Don’t do that. Drink water, and hydrate that grey matter between the ears.
Meditate. Our body love naps and our mind loves meditation. Not only does this lower the blood pressure, but it also allows us to refocus our day. Thinking is hard work, and we need to take breaks. We rest our bodies throughout the day. The same applies to our minds. “How long should we meditate for?” That depends on the individual and how much time they have. Fifteen to thirty minutes daily is a good start. Refocusing on the priorities of the day supports our “can-do” attitude. Our motivation increases once we are grounded.

How does this health talk correlate with having a bad day? Well, our brain produces adrenaline, serotonin, and dopamine. These three chemicals influence our mood and how we approach obstacles in our way. If we are to find happiness, then we need to know how to maintain it. Otherwise, it will fade like a neglected flower. We are more significant than our problems. Just as we are meant to be happy. When we are healthy, our brain functions properly. Chemicals are produced in the right amount at the right time. Balance is restored, and happiness brings peace.

Never give up. You are where you are needed when you are needed. Life is not always easy. There will be times that we need help. Ask for that help.

One may be down, but they are never out until they admit it.

2 thoughts on “Down and Out

  1. Having struggled with depression I know how it can trick us into believing that the lies we’ve heard and internalized are true, so we feel overwhelmed when difficult times tax our inner reserves, which result in feeling we are useless and need to just give up. When I learned that my brain was tricking me I realized I needed to teach my brain something new, something positive in order to dispel the lies which presented themselves as negative thoughts!

    Good article! Great points!

    Keep going everyone! This is a particularly trying time, so please practice self care so your thoughts don’t overwhelm you!

    Peace, Tamara

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