It’s My Happiness And I Want It Now.

Happiness is not easy to maintain. If it were, everyone would be hunky-dory. So, why do people insist on destroying the peace of mind of others? We see how people are just down-right mean every day. Knowledge comes with understanding. So let’s look at three personalities that impact our happiness.

Revenge is a dish best served cold. We all know that person who always seeks vengeance. They feed their misguided pain by lashing out on everyone. In most cases, something happened that caused great pain or misunderstanding. They have yet to resolve this issue or issues. Divorce, abuse, neglect, or any multitude of events can create a vengeful person. We need to come to terms with our demons (emotional tensions).

“If I’m not happy, no one is happy.” This soul attacks others to show how they feel. I can relate to this. After graduating high school, leaving home, and trying to find a job, I had unresolved pain inside. The abuse I went through as a child left me bitter and scarred. (spoiler alert: I’m happy and love my scars. Scars tell the story of our journey through life.) With no resolution, there was no contentment. Everyone around me appeared to be living a good life while I struggled. Why was their’s easier for them? A person who acts in this manner usually has problems expressing their feeling. Its easier to show someone. This leads to causing others pain in an effort to show how much they hurt. Think of it as a person going to the doctor’s office with a broken arm. The doctor asks if it hurts, so the patient breaks the doctor’s arm to show how it feels. Violent, yes, but it demonstrates the emotional pain versus physical pain. Often, we misjudge emotional distress because there is no cut or bruising. Learning to express how we feel is an essential tool in life. Not being judged for expressing our feeling is another.

Selfish people have only one priority. Everything is to benefit them because their needs outweigh our needs. Now, don’t get me wrong. There is a difference between basic self-preservation and hoarding everything for our use only. The self soul will allow others to be happy on their terms. Meet their demands and they may allow for some peace. If we do not meet the conditions, then hard times are coming. It’s similar to the cycle of an abusive relationship, tension, incident, reconciliation, and calm.

There are more traits to discover. However, these are the three most common in our daily routine. One common denominator that exists between each of these character traits is the need to be in control. I call it the driver seat syndrome because some people can’t be a passenger. But this is not the case with happy people. They support happiness within each other and are the feel-good-friends we all love. Life is better when we all are at peace.

We may find ourselves having revengeful tendencies or a day of selfishness. It happens. But as we go through each day, we must learn to be professional and hold ourselves to a higher guideline. By doing this, that high standard becomes just another level we achieve. Never force others to meet those standards. Those goals are ours and ours alone to meet. I’m sure we don’t meet all of their benchmarks. That’s a blessing within life; we don’t need to meet each other’s expectations to be happy. We learn to accept other’s short-falls as they accept ours. We may not be perfect, but we are getting better.

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