Having A Purpose

Our purpose, or goal, in life, is the reason we jump out of bed each day. We don’t merely wake up. We rise to a new day’s challenge, seizing our purpose, and conquering our goals.

OK, we don’t do that, at least some of us don’t. Most of us are still looking for the meaning of life and why we are here. Why do we wake up each day? And, what’s our heading in life? These are valid questions.

Our happiness and the meaning of life go hand-in-hand. It is up to us to find our joy at our current stage in life. As we age, our interests will change; thus, our happiness will change with it. In our final stage in life, we often lose our interest in life. I’m not saying every older adult is suicidal. However, life loses its glimmer when our body wears down. With age, we are not the social asset we once were. People look at us as though we are an obsolete obstacle. We need a purpose to live a happy life. 

How do we find our purpose in life? Our life goal is the “thing” that energizes us. “Sleeping energizes us, Steve.” I hang around a sarcastic military bunch. But, seriously, we need to remove the negative and build on the positive. For example, I love studying people, individually and socially. One would believe that psychology would be the right career choice. However, I hate (a term used correctly to the fullest extent.) listening to others whine and complain about how bad they have it. So, I focus on how I can interact with others while using what I learn. The result is that I act and react to others and situations in a manner driven to bring a positive outcome. I don’t yell at people to get my point across. (I use to.) That’s unprofessional. Now, in a calm voice, I ask simple questions, like, “Are you sure you want me to block this fire lane with this pallet?” “No?” “OK, just checking.” There is no need for sarcasm—just a simple verification pointing out my concern. By keeping a mellow attitude, the environment is more enjoyable. It is my purpose; to take a stressful situation and make it smooth as a morning lake. 

We must find what we love to do. Then find a group that will benefit from our passion. For most of us, we are already performing our purpose and don’t even realize it. Our words of wisdom, kind gestures, and daily professionalism affect our peers. Is that enough to satisfy our purpose in life? Yes, for some, but for others, it may fall short of their desire. We must follow our passion, no matter how big or how small. Find a focus point and head in that direction. 

An essential note that I need to interject is not to cause drama for others. If we love to see others pay for what they did, then we are doing it wrong. We are not to be spiteful or set on revenge. Everything will return. If we do a good or bad deed, the results will come back to us. If we take justice in our own hands and cause someone pain, that action will come back to us. Never underestimate the laws of cause and effect. It is why it is essential to focus on doing good to others. Don’t be Batman …man!

What should we do if we lose sight of our goal? The best thing to do here is to stop, look, and listen. Allow the drama and chaos to settle so we can see what is really around us.   Meditation is an essential tool for staying focus on the critical things in life. If we never stop, the dust will never settle, and we will miss our target. Stop look and listen. 

We all have a purpose in life. For some, it may be chasing the career path of a Senator, and for others, such as myself, it may be nothing more than being a source of positivity for those around me. We are where we need to be when we need to be. Remember, life does not go off of our calendar. Embrace the moment and make the most of it. 

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