No One Is Good.

Nothing in this world is absolute.

We measure light, not darkness, and heat, not cold. Darkness is the absence of light. Once all light is removed darkness cannot get darker. The same is valid with cold. Zero degrees Kelvin is as low as a temperature can go. There is no maximum value for light and no maximum value for temperature.

Heat and light are positive variables. And, cold and darkness are negative variables. We often look at good and evil as two opposing forces. What if bad was just the absence of good? The value of a person would lie within how much good they produced. Keep in mind that this is a running average. We all have our days when everything goes wrong.

We are not absolutely proper, nor are we absolutely improper. Some days we shine with goodness and other days find us with frizzy bed head and not shining at all, aka McCrankybutt. On average, we try to live a moral life. But there are those among us who have less desire to be a ray of twinking sunshine.

Not to Freud this up, but, a person’s childhood has a significant impact on who they are as an adult. Even as adults, we still hear our parents echoing words of encouragement or blasting insults. Children need encouragement. They need to hear, “You can do it.” And when they fail, they must understand that failure is not a bad thing. Failure happens. It’s part of life. We get up and try again, this time with a different approach. Overcoming our failure builds constructive thinking.

I have met people who stated they didn’t trust “good” people. Air quotes on the word good. Perhaps they knew one too many backstabbers or deceivers. Do we fault them for not wanting to be a victim again? No, we let our actions do the talking. It is why it is important not to expect our good deeds returned. Be kind, professional, and helpful to them unless it causes aggravation. In which case, we need to turn our attention elsewhere. People watch us daily. They may not say it, but they do. They see us have good days and bad days. Remember, no one is perfect, including us.

So to say it once more, nothing is absolute. Variables change every day. Letting go of the past is essential. Yesterday’s mistakes are in the past. There is nothing we can do today to change that fact. To move forward, we must look ourselves in the mirror and forgive the person looking back. Accept the fact that failure happened and move on.

We need second chances. Stop looking at the negative and focus on the positive. Give people the benefit of the doubt just as we would appreciate the same. No one is good, and no one is bad. We are merely human.

3 thoughts on “No One Is Good.

  1. These are great insights! 🙂 It made so much sense when you wrote “Once all light is removed darkness cannot get darker.” Therefore in order for us to claim darkness as the bad guy, we need to first acknowledge the existence of light. But in reality, we often tend to forget that and focus solely on the darkness…and then let our lives and mindes evolve all around it..
    Lack of good does not indicate bad. It merely means we are probably looking at the wrong place or time. The idea behind appreciation needs to remember not to generalize, and remember all the times that somebody or a situation was good to us…all the times that life was not unfair to us 🙂 Thanks for the post! 🙂

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