No Paradigm For Happiness

There is a theory that we live in an infinite number of universes. Rules in one world may not fully apply in another. This mindset got me thinking. In a psychological aspect, each person lives in their universe. My perception of reality may differ from yours, thus making two universes. We can extrapolate that unique worlds interact with each other. Therefore, it creates a singular reality interfacing with different lives wrapped up in their imperfect utopia. I promise I’m not tripping on LSD. 

Let’s look at this scenario.

Our verse:

Let’s imagine we are at the store standing in the dreaded checkout line. A couple with a cranky child in need of a nap stands in front of us. As we wait, we tap our pocket to verify that we did bring our wallet, Whew, no awkward moment for us.  Our attention turns to the couple as we overhear one of them say, “I thought you picked it up.” Well, it seems they forgot their check card. Recalling that the total was around twenty-five dollars, we offer to pay. This small action alleviates most of the stressor in this situation and allows them to shuttle Cranky-butt McGee to his nap. 

The husband’s verse.

As Dan loads the last item from the cart, he reaches towards his wife for the card. To his dismay, she doesn’t have it. His mind begins to race as he searches for the most natural solution. There is none. They have to drive home, put little britches down for a nap, and then drive back. Therefore, wasting an afternoon. Keeping his voice calm, he sorts these thoughts our with his wife when he hears, “I’ll pay for them.” Dan looks as the person behind them offers to pay. “I insist. The bill isn’t that much, and Lil-man is on his last leg. That is if you don’t mind.” Dumbfounded by the kindness of a stranger, Dan agrees. 

On the drive home, he sees his son peacefully sleeping in his car seat. 

“What happened back there?” 

“What do you mean?” his wife asked. 

“People don’t just offer to help like that. I mean, what are the chances of us forget our card and someone willing to help stands behind us. That doesn’t happen.” 

Putting her hand on his, she replied, “We are not in control. We can only take what is given. And today, we are blessed.”

A smile filled his heart as he felt the reward of a simple act from a stranger. 

The cashier.

“I wish someone would buy my groceries and pay my bills.”

(Thrown in for pure humor.)

Here we have four different views of the same scenario. One universe (Dan’s) is built up of selfish people, and we must depend on ourselves to survive. No one is there to help us. Another (Dan’s wife) is built on the faith that everything will work out for the good of those that believe. Help will be there when it is needed. In another universe (The cashier), good things never happen to us. We are forced to watch as others reap the kindness of strangers while we set alone on the sidelines. Then there is our universe, where a simple rule of every action that we perform will come back to us. We remain humble as we help those that need assistance. 

These worlds are realities. Each one comprises the person who lives it. We are the product of our environment, and our environment is a product of who we are. When two universes cross paths, we have a convergence of similarities and differences. The rules of our world or daily life may not equally apply. Dan thought that he and his family were alone in this conflict. We were allowed to exercise kindness, and his wife was able to solidify her faith. 

There is no paradigm for happiness. However, we know what makes us happy. Achieving that peace is a daily priority. But it’s not just our goal; everyone is struggling for that mark. How great it is when we can help others or allow others to help us. Though we live under our terms, our interactions with others have a considerable impact on our attitude and the peace of mind of others.  Our happiness is affected by the joy of those who surround us. It is essential to have quality people around. Positive attitudes create positive environments. Be the + in someone’s universe. 

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