Steps Towards Inner Peace

In my search for happiness, I tried to find the good in everyone. Soon I found myself making excuses for others malice. I harbor no ill thoughts or feeling for these individuals. Instead, I accept their action and move forward. It may be apathetic on my part, but I’d rather invest my time in others who show appreciation.

As humans, we are imperfect. This inescapable fact is why it is important to forgive. However, if there is a trend of unfavorable circumstances, then we need to consider our course. There is nothing to be gained in being rash. Remember, we cannot undo our actions; a knee-jerk reaction can do more harm than good. Take each step with purpose, but do not stomp down the hall.

Praise people in public, but correct them in private. However, we should not pick a person we want to see successful and become their hypeman. We should treat everyone in this manner. Don’t make every private talk a correction. Allow some private conversation to be praise. This way, when others are nosey, they won’t know for sure which talk is given.

Everyone is initially worth our time. It is the return that we receive that determines the value of their friendship. However, don’t do a favor with the expectation of it’s returned. Instead, watch to see if our actions are appreciated or taken for granted. Be mindful of the deeds done for us. Are we taking others for granted? Spouses are easy to take for granted because we know they will be there tomorrow. But, tomorrow is never promised to us.

Speak with kindness. What we say is important, but more importantly is how we say it. If we have discord in our heart, it will come out in our tone. Encourage others and ourselves. But we should never be vain about ourselves or our deeds. Be humble, but do not grovel. Smile while greeting others. And while one the subject of smiling. Smile with the eyes, not just the mouth. It makes a world of difference.

I am far from being the paragon of happiness. But, as each day passes, I get closer to finding my inner peace. There are times when we must allow the dust to settle before seeing what step to take next. This world moves at a fast pace, and slowing down seems impossible. Nonetheless, downtime is a must. Learn to clear the brain and relax. Otherwise, we will find ourselves burnt out.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy, my friends.

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