Escaping TV Drama-Land

So I’ve started watching Hart of Dixie and Gilmore Girls again for the billionth time. Why would I subject myself to these “girly shows?” Because of one thing. I love simplicity. Although Each show contains drama, the characters don’t have a heavily stressed life.

When we watch TV shows, we don’t just sit and observe our hero. No, we experience the moment of loss and the moment of triumph. Throw in a slow-motion exploding background and a couple of expletives, and we are hooked. But drama TV puts us on an emotional roller-coaster, and this can harm our emotional health.

“But Steve, I’m not weak-minded like that.”

OK, fair enough. But, very few people watch TV and feel no emotions. We are quick to identify the hero and root for them. Even if they are criminals, we will still hope they don’t get caught. And heaven forbid that we are hooked into a tragedy, and the story ends with our hero dying.

“Stupid writers are playing with my emotions.”

So, to take a TV vacation from drama-land, I watch low drama shows. Friends, How I Met Your Mother, Frasier, and Two And A Half Men create a feel-good emotional experience. They put a smile on our faces.

As important as it is to rest after a good week’s work, so it is with drama TV. Take a break and revisit some of the old shows that made us smile when we were younger. Our emotional health will thank us for it.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy.

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