A Better Life

Photo by Bess Hamiti from Pexels

In my youth, I concluded that poverty doesn’t provide happiness. So, I started a quest to find a better world. I wanted to be happy and have a life I could enjoy.

Is there such a thing as a better life?

This question frequents my thoughts. And yes, there is a better life. If we lack food and water, shelter, or clothing, then we are in need. If we have them, then we are looking for comfort. Think of a person with no shirt,  a cotton shirt, and a silk shirt. Most of us will agree the silk shirt feels the best. But is it the best shirt?

What is a better life?

Thresholds and boundaries define our happiness. My dreams may differ from yours, and that’s all right. But in our search for improving our lives, we should keep a reality check. Living in a big house with luxury cars sounds cool until it’s time to pay the taxes. Perhaps we should lean towards a simple home and car. It’s not glamorous, but it fits the bill. 

How do we achieve a better life?

If we want more things, then we need more money. Happiness requires fulfillment and satisfaction. These do not go hand in hand, as most people believe. Ever hear of the lottery winner who wished they never played those winning numbers. Money can buy material things, but the joy fades, leaving us wanting more. Welcome to the nature of humanity. But that’s a different blog. For now, if we want a better life, it is essential to enjoy the one we have. Stop the hungry eyes and daydreaming. Somewhere, someone wishes they could have our lifestyle. 

Another aspect to remember, as we get older, our wants and dreams will change. Our goals and passions in our sixties will differ from when we were forty, which differed from our twenties. This means our definition of a better life will change. Buying a single-story home may prove more beneficial when it comes to aging hips and climbing stairs. Knowing our present and future limitations will pay in the long run. Be honest and truthful. 

Is it wrong to want a better life?

If we are looking to impress others, then our quest for a better life is foolish. It is petty and juvenile to want a better lifestyle in the name of gloating. “Look and me and my things” are the words of an imbecile. Don’t do that. Instead, stop worrying about others. They are not worried about us, and our happiness should be for ourselves. We deserve to be happy. 

Find happiness and contentment within the present to enjoy our future.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy.

One thought on “A Better Life

  1. Happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment are states of mind, and aren’t connected to financial gain, but are inner choices. I’ve found that when we’re unhappy we have other inner issues to deal with, many having to do with inner damage from traumas we’ve gone through. I’ve found that healing those damaged areas allows the spirit to soar, to allow happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment to sink deeply into all the pores of our being, where previously the damage acted as a shield preventing us from feeling those feelings!

    Peace to you, Tamara

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