Welcome to 2021

I’m sure this is not what they meant by saying hindsight is 2020, but here we are on the flipside. This pandemic has everyone unsure and cautious of everything around us. And who can blame us? The media is blasting awful news to the point I’m sure Bruce Willis and a group of his friends launched last week to blow up an Earthbound asteroid. 

No one has a magic 8-ball forecasting the future, so until we do find such a thing, we may as well set back and enjoy the ride. Bad things are going to happen just as well as good. But for some odd reason, we are compelled to point everything that is not right with the world. Perhaps we should simmer down for a bit. But, in this capitalistic world, good news doesn’t pay as much as gossip.

As bad as 2020 may have been, it wasn’t voted as the worst year ever. Historians believe that title belongs to 1348, which was the height of the Black Plague. 1944 came in second, followed by 1816. 1816 was when a volcano erupted, blocked out the sun, and sent millions into starvation. But if you are curious as I am, 2020 ranked sixth. So, yeah, 2020 wasn’t our best year. This is strictly going off a 30 second Google search of “Was 2020 the worst year?” Hey, this is technical and scientifically opinionated stuff here. 

Will 2021 be better? It only has five spots ahead of this year to be counted as worse on the bright side. Perhaps a quick search of what Hollywood thought 2021 would be like will bring a smile to our faces. After all, the Jetson’s supposed to be in 2062. (100 years from the 1962 debut) Forty-one years until I buy my first flying car. It could happen. 

But whatever comes our way, our attitude will affect our perception. We are the reason we choose to get mad or decide to smile. We are in control of our emotions; no one else. So here’s to not only having a great year but a great time as well.

Happy New Year.

Until the next blog, live life, be happy and don’t forget to like.

3 thoughts on “Welcome to 2021

  1. Great post..glad to see the examples you have of other years that brought similarly devastating incidents that the world has previously dealt with, and eventually survived somehow. It is important to survive together as a whole and be there for each other during these times, so we can come out stronger- it’s what makes the fight worth it…
    And on that note, happy new year and let’s hope this year makes us kinder, stronger, and more fulfilled! 🙂

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