Agreeableness Trait During A Pandemic

The agreeableness trait is, by far, my favorite. This trait’s pros include kindness, empathy, and helpfulness, while the cons consist of caring too much, spread too thin, and self-neglect. People who score high here make fantastic friends.

Low scorers are more self-preserving and tend not to lend a hand. They have a resting “blah” face that makes them look unapproachable. They may love going out and enjoying the town, but they pay their tabs and don’t ask for favors. This trait may reside in someone who has suffered a considerable loss or has been hurt physically and/or emotionally. 

How has the pandemic affected them? First, there is a huge demand for help. Fifty thousand chances to make people smile every day; that’s every single day of every single week of every flippin’ month. Will it ever STOP!? And that’s how we go from “Oh boy!” to “Oh my!”. 

We are human, and there is a part of us that wants to help even if it’s in third-person (referring help) But, we have our limits and have a tendency to get in over our heads. Soon, we are drowning in what we love to do the next thing we know. 

For the conservative side, isolation may bring a bit of comfort but leave us with our thoughts for too long, and depression may follow. Social media has its benefits, but it is no substitute for social events. 

The average person fits in the middle but given the right environment, and we may find ourselves on either end of the spectrum. Take the time to analyze our surroundings. Are we getting in too deep?  Or, are we too isolated? 

As much as I’d like to say things will return to “normal”, that isn’t possible. We will find a new standard, and with it will come new happiness. This is how life works with its ever-changing ways. 

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and click the like button.

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