Neurotic Trait During A Pandemic

To those who score high in this department, anxiety is well known. A feeling of dread brings questions. “What will happen? What will become of us?” Our minds flood with fear and fret. Soon we are left with nothing but a hopeless feeling within our soul. 

Our neurotic friends are moody with a side of anxiety, fear, frustration, anger, envy, guilt, and jealousy. What a package, right? Before we judge, let’s take a second to remember that we all have felt these feelings before. It would behoove us to show empathy towards those who experience these feelings every day, or close to that. 

We have experienced a lot in the past year; social distancing, political corruption, and financial burdens. This world of uncertainties is a nightmare for the neurotic. 

Those of us who score low in this trait now would be a perfect time to look down on those who didn’t take the time to plan for this. But, such behavior doesn’t become us. Being human means abstaining from the preceding and listening to those worried about the future. Comfort those who are pissed off but don’t know why.

Together we can take the hot and cold and find warmth. We all have our times of faltering in a  moment of vacillation. When chaos comes our way, it will behoove us to remember the following. 

If we are worrying, then we are not thinking.

If we are not thinking, then we are not planning.

If we are not planning, we will never find a solution.

Stop worrying.

Start thinking.

Start planning.

Find that solution. 

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and click the like button.

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