Down But Not Out

No one is immune from a case of “down and out”. It can hit us at any time. A five-minute job is one sheared bolt away from being an all-day project. Aggravation and disappointment can knock anyone off of their high-horse. 

This reminds me of an episode of a competition show I watched last week. Four knowledgeable contestants had to forge a blade. They all we amped and excited to prove their skill. Then, tragedy struck when one contestant made a mistake. He was so disappointed that he frowned with his whole face. This expression never changed. He knew he wasn’t going to win. 

Whether we believe we will win or lose, we are correct. 

The hardest part about getting knocked down is getting back up just to get knocked down again. But most of that is the fear of being knocked down again. When we were toddlers, we learned to walk by falling down a lot. But, we got back up and carried on. As adults, we don’t have someone there cheering us on, saying, “Get up. You can do it.” Nope, we have peers laughing at us. 

I know, I make adulting look fun. But here is the fact. We are our voice of encouragement. How often do we pat ourselves on the back? Every day is the only answer. Sometimes I’m impressed I get out of bed. 

This world is going to be hard on us. People will always point out what we did wrong. Of course, this is after we made a mistake and hindsight is 20/20. This is why it is essential to learn how to be our cheerleading squad. We are our source of encouragement that gets us back on our feet. Don’t listen to nincompoops, who always have something negative to say. They’re nincompoops; that’s what they do. 

We may get down, but we are never out until we admit it. This world will give up on us long before we give up on ourselves. Toddlers have to fall to walk. They also have to learn how to get up. So it is with us. We have to learn to keep our chin up even when we are cold and alone. We have to be our sunshine on a rainy day. 

The voices of others do carry a lot of weight with us. Peer pressure is a “hoo-ha” at times. We like it when others are inline with us. Being in synch with others brings harmony. This is why others want us to change while being less apt to change themselves. Learn to put more weight in our thoughts and deeds. 

We are responsible for our thoughts and actions. The devil didn’t make us do it. We chose to do it. We choose to smile, be happy, frown, be disappointed, or be neutral and apathetic. We choose to be who we are. Life is as good as it is bad. We decide how to see it and how to live it.

I may down, but I am not out.

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and click the like button. 

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