2 Cents On Financial Happiness

This week’s blog is about financial freedom and whether it is possible to obtain. I had a basic tangent sprawled out over two pages.  After realizing that I went down a rabbit hole, (Charts, diagrams, statistics, and more boring stuff) I hit “Select All” followed by “Backspace.” Data, numbers, and statistics disappeared in the blink of a cursor. Money is always a touchy subject. We work hard and won’t stand for rhetoric on how to spend what we’ve earned. 

Everywhere we go, someone is trying to get us to spend our money. From my experience, I am certain Amazon is not helping. Drunk-shopping online leads to regrets, and that can to send us into a spiraling depression. On the bright side, we now have “gifts” being delivered. 

So, how do we get ahead of our bills?

Many books are written on this subject, so instead of giving a list here is something that helped me. Most of us work nine-to-five jobs. We get paid every two weeks. This means we earn two paychecks every month. But Wait! Four times twelve equals forty-eight, and there are fifty-two weeks in a year. This leaves us with four weeks not accounted for. 

This is true. There are two months when we earn three paychecks. If we budget each month for only two paydays, we can pay ourselves a month’s worth of wages each year. 

Now before we get excited, this money is already spent. It’s called “Savings.” I know. This is so exciting. I have goosebumps too. Seriously though, we need to shove this into a hole and forget about it. 

Might I also add, pay raises are awesome. Who doesn’t enjoy more cash. I hate to be the fun police, but once again, we are taking that extra candy and shoving it into “Savings.” 

Believe me when I say there will always be a reason to spend the money we save. This is where discipline is applied. Only use “Savings” to cover unexpected expenses. It’s not for Christmas, birthdays, or “but-they’re-the-new-Jordans”, or any want-list driven impulsive buy. Nope, the money we throw in to a hole is for emergencies and unexpected bills. 

For those who are in the midst of raising little rug rats, wouldn’t it be nice to get something back when the nest is empty. Their rooms will become vacant and we will have a chance to have a workout room, a study, or even a guest room for when our friends come over. Or we could fix up the old four bedroom home, sell it, and buy a two-bedroom lake-front cabin. 

We deserve to have a safety net when life throws a curve ball. Having that money stashed away is the difference between being stressed or being prepared. Life will come at us. Its only a matter of when. Be prepared. 

We do not deserve to choose between paying the electric bill, water bill, or eating. Many Americans face this every month. If we are not in this situation, then we are able to put a portion of our paycheck into the bank. There was a time when I couldn’t save. Times were tight. But, I grew and learned how to manage. At the time, everyone seemed to have fun but me. I was too busy looking at what I didn’t have. I couldn’t see what I did have. 

A stable job, a roof over my head, food in my belly, and a wife who loved me unconditionally. In the beginning of my career there were too much month and not enough money. I took the advice in this blog, and climbed out of my poverty. I am far from what society calls rich. My bills fit my paycheck and I have a little each month to put back. I don’t tend to my wants. I find satisfaction in what I have. Most importantly, I am happy, and finding that happiness is priceless. 

Until the next blog, live life, be happy and click the like. Thank you for your time.

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