A Look At Our Achievements

Achievements can bring happiness like none other. The feeling that our struggle is over and we can now reap the rewards fills our soul. From our first steps as a baby to gaining academic degrees as an adult, we need achievements. 

Does our happiness depend on reaching goals? No, however, accomplishments do bring joy. Imagine a world with no goals, achievements, or success stories. This sounds bland, right? But, keep in mind too much struggle, and we will burnout. There needs to be a balance.

Why should we set goals or have achievements? Our accomplishments bring a sense of pride. With every “We did it!” comes confidence, growth, or a new skill. This is a massive part of finding our happiness. But the feeling won’t last forever. The best option for us to take is to enjoy the moment then move on. With each accomplishment comes more dopamine. That feel-good hormone warms our soul and brings a smile to our faces. We deserve to feel good about our achievements. Bragging may not be the best course of action, but letting a friend know that we met a goal, climbed a mental mountain, or overcame our fears is what friends do. Just ensure the announcements aren’t always one way. Feeling good for other”s accomplishments produces dopamine as well. By sharing a moment with a friend, we, in turn, can have a “helper’s high.”

There is a dark side to achievements. Lurking in the back of our skulls is a voice waiting to ridicule us for every failed moment. Perhaps it’s not that bad, but for some, it may feel that way. Not reaching our achievements can bring stress, which can add to a whole list of issues; anxiety, depression, headaches, heart disease, or memory and concentration problems. Face it, failing is not a good feeling. Constantly failing is even worse. Long-term effects of stress are high blood pressure, weight management issues, and mental health. No one enjoys losing. Thanks to the hormone cortisol, not reaching our goals feels horrible. 

With all of this in mind, how should we approach our achievements or the lack thereof? First, we should find our limits. Then know our limits. This may sound redundant, but it isn’t. Our limits on different subjects will change over time. Thus it is essential to know how much will overload us and abstain from taking on too much. This will keep the cortisol levels down. 

Speaking of down, it is apparent that some individuals love to bring others down. Why should we rise higher when we can bring others down? It’s human nature to take the easy route. Changing others is better than changing ourselves. This is a truth in its purest form. If we keep pointing out every wrong a person does, people may believe that person is incompetent. 

Praising people in public and correcting them in private is not only dignifying, but it promotes good mental health. Adrenaline and cortisol levels are reduced. Complements and encouragements promote growth. However, there is such a thing as overdoing it. Once again, we are down to finding that balance. A side effect of making others feel good is that we will feel good. It’s a part of the helper’s high mentioned earlier. 

Achievements are just a part of the many ways we can find our happiness. Take the time to enjoy each moment, then plan for the next adventure. By focusing on our wins, we will see how great we are. Never hang onto the negativity of others. They will always have something wrong to add. We may mess up along the way, but we are closer to finding life’s happiness with each rebounding step. 

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and click the like. 

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