A Look At Anxiety

Anxiety is a natural reaction to stress; nothing more, nothing less. It is the fear, dread, or uneasiness we feel when life takes a dip. Our emotional state determines how we will traverse troubled times. Anxiety is both good and bad, and our approach determines what we see. 

How does anxiety benefit us? Let’s begin by recognizing that we prioritize everything. When it comes to difficulties, we take care of the big issues first. Stress that causes greater anxiety will seize more attention. This is why we choose to break a coffee date with a friend to finish a work project. Of course, we let our friend know. We aren’t animals. Anxiety that helps us balance our stress is good-anxiety.

An over-production of cortisol is a downside to anxiety. This symptom obscures our view of major and minor problems. For some, all issues are enormous.  A period of trauma can bring this confusion. One episode can cause anxiety, while a series has a bigger effect. The longer we’re in trauma, the greater the confusion. At any rate, this is bad-anxiety. We aren’t able to prioritize our stress.

Both women and men are affected by bad-anxiety. It is important to understand that men and women approach pressure in different manners. For starters, women are more apt to admit they are feeling strained. This is one reason women may appear to be more stressed. Men, on the other hand, bottle their emotions. Add a stoic face, and we have a hardcore man that can take the heat. Wait, that’s not right. Even Chuck Norris and Clint Eastwood have coping mechanisms. We are all human. We feel emotions; even if we don’t show them, we feel them. 

Sometimes, we need to rethink our actions. If our brain is confused and tells us that everything is catastrophically horrible, we may need to sit down with pen and paper and logically prioritize our problems. It would behoove us to breathe from the diaphragm or lower stomach. While anxiety produces cortisol, breathing exercises in a stress-free area reduce this production. 

If our stress is out of control, there are things we can do. Keep a positive mind. Expecting the worse heightens our anxiety. Enjoy the best but plan for the worse. This allows us to breathe if things turn sour.  A journal records stressful moments. Thus, a pattern may form and allowing us to see what is triggering our discomfort. Once again, breathe from the abdomen. This may sound like a simple task, but it is often overlooked. We don’t need to sit on the floor in a perfect pose. Lying in bed will afford us the posture for breathing. Infants do it all the time.

Anxiety isn’t the monster society loves to paint. But, it is serious. If our stress is out of control, we need to ask for assistance. I’m all for being anti-pill-popping. But, there are times when non-pharmaceutical treatments aren’t enough. We may need to talk to a counselor or psychotherapist. Seeking help doesn’t show weakness. In fact, it shows the opposite; courage,

Life has moments of being overwhelming. If we take our time and plan each step, we can traverse with happiness. Prioritize our problems and solve the significant issues first. If motivation is needed, then knocking out a couple of small problems can build confidence. To start, we must act. Otherwise, we are just talking about doing. We can do better than that because we are better than that.

Until the next blog, live life, be happy and click the like.

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