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Life is full of happiness if we are willing to watch and listen for it. However, it takes us stepping out of our daily routine and hitting the pause button. For some, this may come easy. For others, it may prove to be a tremendous challenge.

Happiness is a common denominator sought by everyone everywhere. One would think with everyone looking for it, the path to find it would shine. However, that is not the case. Many people are consumed by anger, depression, anxiety, or many other demons.

As with time and our lives, there is a season for happiness. We are not required to be happy everyday. Sure it sounds nice. But, as sure a the weather changes, so will our emotions. It’s alright not to be happy for a period of time.

This is why I wanted to create this blog. I have spent years learning what happiness is. Starting in the States, then Japan, Puerto Rico, even Manta Ecuador, I have learnt how similar we are. No matter where we go in to world humanity shines in our culture. We all want to be happy.

For the last year, I have enjoyed writing about this topic. The comments and kind words let me know I’m doing something good. I’d like to thank my friends that gave the suggestion for sharing my thoughts and views. Little do we realize how important small words are until a friend says “Thanks, I needed that.”

So here’s to more “Thanks, I needed that.” I hope to provide some insight on Life’s Happiness.

We all need Life’s Happiness.