Health and Happiness Part 2

Welcome to another fantastic day of sunshine and love. Grab a friend and came along as we conclude our exciting blog on health and happiness… Too cheerful? Yea I thought so too. But, there is a lot to say about a happiness. Mostly focusing on the physical effects, we can see three major benefits. So grab a friend and come along… wait I already said that… “Expletive!” Moving on.

Happy people have fewer aches and pains. This is not to say they are bullet proof. No, people with a positive outlook on life tend to handle pain better. Is it because they are one with the universe and their crystals are aligned with the Virgo constellation? Um… I’m not even sure what that means. But, what I was going to state is that they produce endorphins. As stated in the last blog, endorphin is a pain killer. That my friend, is how those happy hippies are able to handle their physical pain. It is also a good time to mention that during physical therapy, patients who mentioned they were in a positive mental state recovered faster. Move over bionic man, happy man is here. Wow, that really doesn’t have the ring I was hoping for.

Happiness combats disease and disability. Our immune cells have endorphin receptors. I like to think of those receptors as coffee mugs and the endorphin my body produces is their coffee. Java junkies unite! With a boost to the immune system our body handles disease and sickness at a better rate. This is compared to someone who always has a case of the grumpy pants. Ever had a cold or flu that caused aches and pains? Of course, we all have. Being happy didn’t cure the cold or flu. No one ever smiled and suddenly got relieved of all symptoms. However, those that did smile through the sickness did have a faster recovery time. Miracles are instant, healing takes time. How much time depends on our physical health + mental health. I’m not going to say it’s easy to be in a positive mindset when our nose is running and eyes feel like popping out due to sinus pressure. No, it’s a deliberate act that takes practice. Anything worth doing take some amount of work.

Happiness lengthens our lives. The web of internet has a plethora of evidence that suggests that being happy prolongs one’s life. I like it when a newscaster asks a 101 year old person how they lived so long. The best answer I heard was from an old war vet. The newscaster asked her question and leaned in to get her answer. The gentleman started to think. “Well,” he began, “I just keep waking up.” He chuckled at his own words as the newscaster’s face reflected her disappointment. Forcing a smile she turned to the camera, “There you have it folks, just keep waking up.” She missed it. She missed the “expletive” point. The gentleman wasn’t saying “just wake up.” No, he was showing how to find humor in just waking up. Being able to laugh is one of our greatest gifts. Sadly, there are those among us that choose to use this ability to bring others down. Sad! Being able to find a reason to chuckle makes an ordinary situation great. It softens the blow to a devastating event. We will experience a lot of drama and hard times. We will also experience hope, happiness, love, and joy. Which one will we choose to focus on? That ladies and gentlemen is what will determine the longevity of our health.

Until the next blog, here’s to finding life’s happiness, living life, and being happy.

Steve Curtis

Health & Happiness Part 1

Today millions of Americans are waking up unhappy, stressed, sick, and just plain tired. Doctors are prescribing medications that only numb the brain. Wake up Doc! You are not fixing the problem. However, truth be known, it’s not their problem to fix. It’s our’s. Our health is our responsibility. We can start with a little TLC. If you’ve read any of my blogs, you probably already know that I’m about to explain how our happiness affects our health. Let’s begin.

It is no secret that lower blood pressure is healthy, but did you know that a lower heart rate is too? The average resting heart rate is between 60-100 beats per minute (bpm). Tachycardia describes a condition where the resting heart rate is higher than this. With a little research one can find an undeniable relationship between how happy a patient felt and their cardio stats. When we are happy our mind is at ease. We feel more relaxed. The troubles of this world seem to melt away. OK that may be a little too much, but we are in a better state of health.

One can easily extrapolate that being unhappy will have the inverse effects. Mental unrest, higher blood pressure, and higher bpm. If prolonged one may develop insomnia. This, of course, would add to ones cardio discomfort. Yes, I believe happiness is not only good for the heart, but essential for it’s health.

Did you know happy people get sick less. As Kid Rock once stated in a song; it’s not bragging if you can back it up. I’m sure there’s some expletives in there. We’ll just let them be. Here is the logistical side of why being happy makes one less sick. Most immune cells have endorphin receptors. When we are happy we release endorphin into our system. These hungry little cells love endorphin as much as we love our coffee. In fact, imagine not getting your morning coffee then forced to talk to customers. Blah!

Happiness combats stress. Let’s face it, stress is intense. Blood pressure shoots up, heart rate increases, and our brain beings to race. Guess what! We do not release endorphins while being stressed. So our immune system takes a hit as well. Did you know that endorphins act as pain killer? Of course you did. This is why we feel more pain during times of stress. Keep in mind that some level of stress is healthy. However, as with anything in life, too much is not good.

There you have it folks. Three ways that being happy can improve our health. From our heart, to our immune system, and to our ability to deal with stress, happiness has a huge impact on our lives. This is why it is important to let no one steal our happiness. In doing so, they are stealing our health. We deserve to be happy. You deserve to be happy. Never take it for granted.

Until next blog, here’s to finding life’s happiness, living life, and being happy.

Steve Curtis

Third Person Happiness

I have came to the conclusion I want people-robots. Yeah, it was one of those daydreams. I’m conversing with someone when they begin yelling and screaming. Hands are waving in the air. Guess he disagreed with me. Anywho, I reached over and, like a radio knob, adjusted his nipple area of his shirt. His voice lowered. In a state of astonishment, I adjusted his other nipple shirt area. His point of view didn’t change, but the manner in which he presented it did.

[Think I need to get out more.}

I pondered for a while on how this could apply to me, to us, to everyone. Who is affected by our actions? Of course, we are affected; first person effect. People we direct that action towards; second person effect. Lastly, witnesses of our actions; third person effect. We are familiar with first and second person involvement, but do we understand the full repercussion of the third person?

Third person is often overlooked when it comes to people involved in a scenario. This is due to the fact they are indirectly involved. Our attention is on who is directly affected. By changing this, we learn to see a broader scope of who we effect. Pretend there is a sweet old man needing help crossing the street. Like any good citizen, we lend a hand. Think about who is involved with this moment. How does witnessing someone helping others affect us? Suppose we were walking slow and a young hipster begins to yell profanities at us. How is everyone effected now?

How often have we replicated the hipsters action due to being wrapped up in our moment and not looking around? Truthfully, we do it a lot. Fact: We want to be in control. If we aren’t in the driver seat, we aren’t happy. News flash people: We do not need to be in control at all times. To the person who exclaims, “If we aren’t in control, then we’re out of control.”, I would like to ask, “Is a passenger out of control?” If so, then they are the personification of the calmest “out of control” person I have ever seen.

Learn to get out of the driver seat. Look around. Enjoy the views you have missed. Who knows, you might see someone emulating your uncouth actions. Just remember, we affect everyone around us. No one is excluded. Everyone wants to experience life’s happiness, and we can give everyone a slice with a little attention to our surrounding. After all, the world doesn’t revolve around us. It revolves around our words and our actions.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy.

Steve Curtis

What The Mouth Says

How many negative words do we speak each day? In a fit of rage we quickly exclaim the limitations of others, “You can’t do that!”. Or, when others point the finger at us, “It’s not my fault.”. Oh and my favorite, “I didn’t know.”. Shut the front door Sally. We all know you knew.

This is an interesting habit we develop as a child. “No.” is the first word we learn. and for the rest of our lives we are told what we cannot do. Is it any wonder why we jump at the chance to use negative words. We mimic what we see and hear. Our children are learning to use the words we use.

We correct the wrong, and ignore the good. After all, if nothing is wrong, then no attention is needed. Right? Wrong. We need to maintain the good. We check our gas gauge, bank account, and toilet paper stock. If we didn’t, then we would find ourselves on the toilet without any paper. How does this link to our word usage? Glad you asked. We don’t want people to ignore us. We need others to give us attention too. No one likes being ignored, hence the reason for being a squeaky wheel.

I am not saying we need to eliminate all use of negative words. Imagine how lame we would sound if everything was recited in a positive manner. There needs to be a balance. No one likes a Negative Nancy, but sunshine Susan can annoy us too. So, how do we find that balance? We do it by keeping our attitude in check. A positive, non-sarcastic attitude is the best approach. For those following this blog, you may have noticed this as a common denominator. A positive mindset bring positive results. It goes without saying that we go in the direction of our focus. Think of it as target fixation.

This leads us to the great tie-in. Happiness is a positive state. Being negative draws us away from our goal of being happy. Yes, our words can keep us down. If we want to live a life without constant drama, strife, turmoils, troubles, or aggravation, then we may want to watch what we say. But, it is not on us totally. Listen to those around us. Do the people we hang around talk negatively? Do they bring their troubles to us constantly? And lastly, do we need that negativity in our lives? Listening to others can have a downward effect on our happiness. Words are powerful. They should be treated with respect. In the pursuit of life’s happiness we need to filter what is said and not said. After all, our children are listening as well.


Everything has a cycle. Yup, that’s my attention grabbing, please read this opening line. From sun up to sunset, spring to winter, inhale to exhale, and who can forget our sleep pattern. Insomniac are probably ranting expletives and I’m cool with that. So, what about our happiness? Does it have a cycle? Believe it or not depression helps with happiness. Think of a balloon; a pretty pink, full of air balloon. Now, suppose we filled it up with air. This represents happiness. Then we release some of the air. You got it. This represents depression. Too much depression and the balloon goes flat and there is no happiness left inside. On the extreme flip side of this scenario, let’s keep adding air. More, more, and more brings our balloon to the point of almost popping. It is stressed the {whoops} out. For the love of science and chaos we add one more breath. POP! Our balloon turns to pink mist.

Maintaining a healthy happiness takes work. In the Who Am I blog we covered self-identification. Finding ourselves is important as finding happiness. We also covered financial happiness in The Wanting Well, It’s ludicrous how money controls our happiness. But it does. Happiness does not come easy for the non-medicated. And let’s be honest, medication just numbs the brain. So… getting back to the pretty pink balloon that we popped. We need down time just as we need times of interaction. Times will get tough and life hits us hard. We need time to mentally digest. This is where taking a long walk or meditating is helpful. To be honest, I prefer both. Meditation is a static exercise where only a small amount of energy is spent. It gives the brain a rest. Inversely, a long walk is dynamic. It provides the brain with a mundane activity that provide minimum stimulus and is a great cardio exercise. It’s literally placing one foot in front of the other and going somewhere only to end up where we started. Or, if we really want to get crazy we can use a treadmill and go nowhere. It’s all about options. There are other activities that can be utilized for a relaxed moment. The key is to find that down time. it’s important. I might go out on a limb and say it’s vital.

Wait! Are you saying depression is good?

In this context, depression is any downward feeling from an inflated experience. In the same manner that stress can be healthy, there is a health amount of depression to have. Otherwise, we would only have inflation and that can lead to mental breakdowns. Just as we breathe, there needs to be a healthy balance between inhale/ exhale, work/ relaxation, and happiness/ depression.

Before we carried away, hopelessness, gloom, and self-discontentment is not the depression that is being refer to. These depressions are extreme and toxic to one’s mental health. And so we’re clear on this subject too. It’s alright not to be happy. I don’t go around with a smile on my face 24/7. If I break a plate, I don’t shout “Ta-da.” as I joyfully sweep up the mess. That would be crazy nuts. Emotions have their ups and downs just like our blood pressure. That’s normal. So please, if you find yourself in a stressful situation, find a moment to stop, calm down, and collect yourself. If you have been on the go all week, take some time to meditate and clear your mind. Mental health is just as important as physical health. It’s all part of finding life’s happiness.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy.

Steve Curtis

My Eary Dilemma

There I was, in all of my glory arguing over a topic I have long forgotten. But what I took away from that confrontation will remain with me for life. Set in my ways and hell bent to prove my point I found myself plotting my next remark. With one ear poised to the conversation I formulated a defensive rebuttal. After several minutes of raised voices, belittling looks, and arrogant words my opponent seen they could not prove me wrong. Victory was mine as they submitted and walked away.

For one reason or another, the next day I could not stop thinking about my tactics. My uncouth actions began to eat at me. I wasn’t listening. All I was interested in was “winning” the argument. It wasn’t even an argument. Someone had a different opinion than I did, and I felt the need to show them how wrong their opinion was. This, by any standards, was low. I had no right to chastise their views. I do believe the term nerf hurder correctly described my character.

Can two people with different views be right? Absolutely. If I asked, “Is 68F or 20C too cold for a room?”, I would receive a lot of opinions on this. There are no wrong answers to this question, since it requires an opinionated answer. And that’s the point. No one is wrong in an opinionated conversation. We may disagree with them, but that does not make them wrong.

We should never take the right to have an opinion away from others. How sad this world would be if everyone had to think and believe like Donald Trump. Not saying he’s good or bad. Just stating we need different view points.

If you ever find yourself in an argument, stop and ask yourself, “Am I defending a fact or expressing an opinion. Fact: Apples are red. Unless they are Granny smiths. Those are green. Black Oxfords have a purple tint. And, Golden delicious apples are yellow. So there goes that fun fact of the day about apples being red and all. But, they can be red… ish… right?

Anywho, If is vital that we understand we don’t have to win every argument. This “I’m right and your’re wrong” attitude clashes with our quest for happiness. What’s happy about proving someone’s opinion is wrong. Nothing, that’s what. Our views are like a spice rack. Salt and pepper aren’t the only flavoring agent in this world. THANKFUL! Take the time to listen to others. Stop planning a rebuttal while others are talking.

Stop planning a rebuttal while others are talking.

Listening is important; right? Of course it is. We want others to listen to us, so it’s only fair to lend an ear back to them. Place value in the thoughts and opinions of others. We have so much to offer each other, if we take the time to absorb it in like summer sun rays. Mmm, radiation. Soon we will see the common ground between their view and ours. Believe it or not, we are not as different as some may believe. We are all human. And we all are searching for life’s happiness. So it would be safe to say we have the ability to pass along some of that happiness we learnt.

A conversation is a two way street, not a battle of right of ways.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy.

Steve  Curtis

When Not To Help

We’ve all been there. A family member needs help and we really don’t have the means to help. Nonetheless, we sacrifice in an effort to alleviate their pain. Why? What would possess us to bring their suffering upon ourselves? There is one simple reason; love. Love, in that manner, will convince us that they are worth suffering for. Not everyone will understand this type of love, and there is nothing wrong with not understanding, But for those that do, it can be a blessing or is can be a curse. How so you asked? The blessing comes in the form a gratitude. We are grateful that we were able to help. The curse comes when that member realizes that we will help them whenever they need it and begins to take advantage of our love.

Somewhere out there I can hear someone stating perhaps we shouldn’t love as much. After all, it’s our love that enabled them to take advantage of us, right? No. A wrong doing on their part does not constitute a wrong doing on ours. One should never feel guilty for wanting to help. The sad truth is, there are people out there looking for those willing to help for free. They prey on the kindness of others. These are the people who have lost their humanity. For taking advantage of someone willing to help is not humane. Never capitalize on the kindness of others. It’s alright to refuse help that we do not need. Refusing help when we need it is a different story for a different blog.

There a people who make millions off of the donations of others. People are just willing to give stuff away, and I’m just here trying to make a buck. This type of thinking is wrong. As stated before, it is wrong to capitalize on the kindness of others. A good example is Mark Curran. He is the CEO and owner of Goodwill. Now, I now Goodwill had helped a lot of people. However, when a person makes $2.3 million a year I begin to question how nonprofit is their business. I’m sure his team of lawyers could explain it to me. But, the root subject here is one person makes millions off of the charity of others. If people are willing to do that, is there any doubt that family and friends will take advantage of us? Sad truth is, it happens every day.

How many times can we kick a dog before it no longer returns. The answer is once too many times. We are no different. Once we realize that a person is using us, we have a choice; stop or continue to help. We tell ourselves that they’ll change. This time will be different. They learnt their lesson last time. With blinders on we ignore logic and follow our heart. After all, we are good people and we just want to help.

We naturally want to help. Have you ever watched children help each other. They pat each other on their backs and say everything is going to be alright. But, from our childhood to adulthood, something changed. People changed. We changed. All of a sudden things aren’t as simple as they use to be. It hurts when others begin to take our love for granted. …When they show no value in our love for them… How many times have we taken someone for granted?

Family is the biggest culprit for this. Why? In a simple answer, family knows that we will always be around. We aren’t going anywhere, we’re family after all, and family sticks together. Right? Stop being so sensitive. Buck up. Life is hard and we all need to stick together. Family takes care of family. But who takes care of us? Who is there when we need help? Seems family is strapped for cash too, and they don’t have the time to help. But good luck and they’re praying for us. Now, I know I’m hitting the family side hard on this subject. But, it needs to be said. No longer should we tip toe around the fact that it’s easier for us to go to our mom, dad, brother, or sister. We know them. They know us. Friends don’t know us like that. Friends know friendships can end. They don’t have the luxury of being family. Family will always be family. … They have nothing to lose. Win the lottery and we’ll see cousins, nieces and nephews that we never knew we had. With family comes entitlement. We owe them. After all, family takes care of family

What do we do when we see someone is taking advantage of us? Stop. Stop giving them time, Stop hoping for change, Stop giving them a reason. It’s hard. And yes it will hurt. Stop accepting the pain. It’s easier for us to accept the pain rather than watch others suffer. If we are suffering then we are in control of that pain. If others hurt and we cannot or do not help, we feel less in control. We do not need to control everything around us. Everything is not our responsibility. This is why we need to stop. Yes, they will fall, cry, beg, and say they hate us. But that’s a part of growing up. Sometimes we need to stop holding their hands. Once they are done sulking, they will stand up and do just fine. We owe it to ourselves to stop helping those that take advantage of us. Its not fair to us. We deserve happiness too. We deserve to have quality people in our lives. Quality people are worth helping. They don’t take advantage of us, and they make us feel appreciated. Wholesome people have a way of warming the heart and make us feel valued.Never settle for less. This is one way we can find life’s happiness. Filtering the people we deal with will help us decide who is worth our time. Time with you is precious. Your time has value. Never settle for less.

Until next blog, live life and be happy.

Steven Curtis

Damn you Mr. Smiley

Mr. Smiley, why must you be so happy every fricking morning. I mean, like, give it a break. You woke up, you feel good, and you feel the need to share how great your life is. Ugh!

I’m pretty sure that’s how my coworkers feel about me. When I say “wake up in a good mood”, let’s just say I’ve been known to sing to my wife in the morning. I wasn’t always like this. I use to listen to my Onyx album Bacdafucup every morning before work, curse at other drivers, and dreaded working. Mind you, this was during the time I didn’t have a home. I literally bounced from house to house sleeping where I could. Some nights I slept in my car. Life was crap. Or so I thought. I was going down a slippery slope and I knew I needed to change or I was going to crash.

Looking back, I was an angry person. But this was my own demise. From the moment I woke up I had hate and discontent blaring in my ears. Fact: morning is the foundation for the whole day. How it starts effects our quality of day. My living conditions were less than adequate. Yes, I fell under the “homeless” category. Life was against me.

All of my life I was told “we’re poor we can’t afford that.” Naturally I adopted that mindset. Society frowns at the poor. So with the world giving me a cold shoulder, I gave one back. I hurt people verbally. Not just the casual insults. No, I lured people in with a kind smile and tender attitude only to drop them from cloud nine with unadulterated hate. I wanted others to hurt as I hurt. Why should they be so happy when I’m out here struggling? I use to say “Karma’s a bitch.” Truth is, I was being one. Times got rough. And then it happened. I had a friend that wanted to commit suicide. So, being the “sensitive” person I was, I decided to tell my life story to someone for the first time ever. Yup, I was opening up and letting the whole truth out. I left no details out. Poverty, abuse, neglect, molestation. It all came out. My friend set there with tears in his eyes. “I thought my life sucked.” he paused with searching eyes that yearned for a validation for his situation. “You should be the one committing suicide; not me.” he proclaimed. Perhaps it was a case of the simples brought on by staying up until the wee hours of the morning, but we began to laugh uncontrollably. Perhaps he was right.

Although that wasn’t the darkest hour of my life, it was a huge pivot point. I began to look at myself in the same manner I looked at others. Like a conman looking for a sucker, I was good at reading people. It was time I did a little soul searching. I wasn’t proud of who I was. At first I blamed my environment. Treat a man like a dog and he’ll act like a dog; right? No, treat a man like a dog and he’ll leave. People did leave me alone. I was always the third person in a group, the drifter at a party that was there but never interacted enough to have fun. I was lonely.

I was poor. Not because of my financial standings, but because of the quality of person I was. Over the course of twenty years I changed. One may say that’s a long time to change. They’re correct. But once change is started, it never stops. We continue to grow. Whether for the good or for the bad, we grow. I learnt to be courteous and polite. My environment changed as well. Not because the Navy moved me around, but because I saw the world in a different view. I still listen to the Onyx album from time to time to remind myself how far I’ve came.

What’s the next evolution? Being cordial. What does that entail? Glad you asked. I’m learning to be warm and friendly. Everything that I learnt with being courteous, now I do it from the heart. It’s the difference between taking a step and taking a step with purpose. I find myself calmer in stressful situations. Yes, I still have my moments. But, don’t we all… I implore you not to just be nice or kind. Rather, be genuine. Karma works both ways. You’ll find that kindness done without an expectation of reward has a way of being multiplied back. That’s why I’m Mr. Smiley in the morning. Life is good. I’m not wealthy by any stretch of the imagination. But, I am happy. For once in my life I have found life’s happiness. And, it started with a sobering self evaluation. So please excuse my joyful morning exuberance. Thanks 🙂

Take care and have a beautiful Friday.

Steve Curtis

The Wanting Well

The Wanting Well

Money, we all want it. We all need it. Am I right? There is no better feeling than seeing cash in the bank on payday. Then, we pay bills, and now we are broke again. Oh, the vicious cycle of working and spending. Will it ever end? Will we ever get ahead?

Let’s step back and take a look. Suppose I wanted twenty dollars, and you were gracious enough to supplement my want. Will I hang onto those twenty dollars and cherish your generosity? Nope, it’s a good chance I will run out and spend it on some nic-nac that will eventually lose my interest. Turns out I didn’t want $20. What I wanted was a way to buy what I wanted. To complicate things even more, I didn’t know exactly what I wanted. What I did know is it meant a lot to me having the means to purchase my spur-of-the-moment, “oh-my-goodness I need this in my life,” “can’t live without it,” one of a kind gizmo.

Did “want” drive my impulse to buy? In a sense, yes. That is a huge part of sales. Companies pay big bucks to make you want their product. Hey, everyone else is doing it, why not you? Sound familiar? Like a fish on the line, they reel us in. It’s almost as though we can’t help ourselves. We are slaves to the cycle of working and spending. But, how much of this reality do we bring onto ourselves? When will we have enough and stop wanting? If the sales industries have their way, then the answer is never. We will always want more. However, there are steps we can take to alleviate our urge to want.

The first step is to realize, although it is not wrong to want, wanting is a bottomless pit. We will never have enough to satisfy our wants. There will always be new products and gadgets to drool over. So, let’s face the truth. We cannot buy everything. People are not going to flock to us because we chose one product over another. No, people aren’t going to respect you for the house mortgage truck your driving.

Now that that bubble popped let’s move onto the next. It takes discipline to be content. We work towards being satisfied with what we have. It sounds odd, but it’s true. Our obsession with gaining more has us neglecting our current status. Right this very second, someone wishes the life they have was as good as ours. And, while they are looking at us, someone else is looking at them with the same respect. We never comprehend our blessings until they are gone. Then, it’s too late. Being content means that we are happy with what we have. We don’t want any more. We don’t need more. Is that a bad thing? It can be. We do need to grow. Growth requires change and change can mean we need new products. This points towards moderation. “Wanting” isn’t bad. However, wanting everything we see and touch is.

Taking care of our necessities will help us stay on course. Food, housing, and clothing are necessities. As foolish as we are, we often use these as excuses to get what we want. We need pants but do we need that $200 designer pants. Yes! I mean no; no, we don’t. It’s nice to indulge in some things, as long as we moderate within our means. What is meant by “within our means”? Glad you asked. If I have $25 and all of my bills are paid. Can I afford to splurge on coffee? The simple answer is yes. However, sticking to a budget will allow us to know for sure. “OMG, not the B-word!” I hated the word budget in my youth. Now, I live by it. A budget will let us know exactly where our money is going and why we can’t afford what we want. It takes discipline to stick to a budget. It’s not easy to say no, but with work, we can organize and distribute our finances efficiently. Who knows, after trimming some of our wasteful spendings, we may have enough to splurge

I’m not going to tell you how to spend your money. Finances are a touchy subject. There’s nothing more annoying than someone declaring how wasteful you are with your hard earn cash. “Dude! It’s my money.” Right? Sure, but we all know it’s easier to find fault in other plans. If we look at our budget and find no fat to trim, let a trusted friend look at it. Or better yet, let your grandparents give you advice. The key here is to balance necessities and pleasure. After all, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy or something on those lines.

In closing, I want to reiterate the importance of being financially happy. It does not mean being Mr. Moneybags. No, this means living without financial worries. It does take time to climb out of a hole. However, with patience, one can gain ground and overcome any situation. A simple rule I learned as a youngster, “If I don’t know, I ask.” It holds with any case in life. If we do not know how to get out of a financial hole, we should ask someone who knows. The quality of advice will depend on the quality of the people we ask. Finding happiness is crucial. Never listen to people who say you’ll never afford this or that.

Until next the next blog, find life’s happiness.

Steve Curtis

I Should Be Upset.

I am here on pay day looking at my bank account. What a glorious feeling it is to see hard work converted into hard cash. Except, there is no cash. I have the exact amount that I did before. “Where’s my money?” Oh well, it’s time to activate Plan B.

What’s Plan B, you asked? This is the kibbles and bits I have thrown to the side. This is not just a savings. This is a saving my buttocks savings. A time will come when unexpected hiccups will occurs. Take today for example. Money was not deposited. If I didn’t throw back a little here and there, I would have a different outlook on today. One simply cannot relax when faced with financial blunders. That is why it is important to plan ahead.

How much should we save? oh good question! The quick answer is three times our monthly pay. If we make $1000 dollars a month, we should save $3000. Do we stop there? No! In the event that you save $3000, continue to put back money. When it rains it pours. The more we put back the better we will be. How much per pay check should we deduct? Another great question! Personally I shoot for 10%. However, if 10% is too steep then try 5%. The key is to put back something or anything. With that in mind, $1 per pay check is not going to save us. We need to use logic.

Money can make us emotional. When we get it we’re happy. When we don’t have it we get worried, depressed, angry, and sometimes desperate. With that in mind, a saving my buttocks savings account is actually a “saving me from an emotional break down” account. Say that three times fast. When we save money we afford ourselves a chance to relax during those “Oh snap! My boss didn’t pay me.” moments.

In closing, money can buy us happiness; not in material things, but in peace of mind that bills will be paid. We need to plan ahead. Prepare for bad times. They will come, trust me. Now here is an important tip. When that day comes. Be happy you saved. Don’t throw your head back and trod off complaining you have to dip into savings. This is not healthy. Being happy is healthy and wholesome for the soul. And, that is what this blog is about. Finding Life’s Happiness.

Until the next blog Live life and Be Happy,

Steve Curtis