Bad Moments

Every ounce of pain creates an emotional reflex. I am shaped, not by the pain but, by my reaction. I am in control of who I am. Some will cast a judgemental eye. Those are the ones still learning. Let them be and move on.

My trials and tribulations are moments of strength training. With each set conquered, I grow stronger. The weight of my world no longer weighs me down. I stand tall as a gentle giant, humbled by my past and proud of my conquest.

Challenges are no more our foe than gravity is to a weightlifter. It is how we step up and meet the opposition that determines our victory. A bad attitude creates bad results. A good attitude creates good results.

Remove every strength training from a weightlifter’s past, and we remove the weightlifter. Remove every bad moment from our past, and we remove who we are. Strength and endurance do not come from easy times. This is why we should meet our opposition with a smile. Embrace the chance to grow.

Every problem has a solution. Every pain has healing. Every bad has good. It is up to us to find the solution, apply the healing, and become the good. This is why we need bad moments.

Steve Curtis

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