The Neutral Life

Life is simple, people make it difficult. In most regions of the world, people live in comfort. We no longer need to hunt or forage for food or water. Traveling long distances is easier. It doesn’t take us all day to travel twenty miles. And, our technology allows us to communicate with loved ones no matter where they are on Earth. But, we still cannot find happiness. We insist on complaining about how bad we have it, and how bad life is.

Photo by Matheus Bertelli from Pexels

Life contains elementary laws that lead to our happiness. We must accept who we are. Upon realizing where we stand in relation to our morals we either need to change or maintain our habits and routines. Next, we need to control our wants. Contentment leads to satisfaction. “Want” is a bottomless pit that we will never be able to fill. We will always want more. Learn to be happy with what we have. Treat others with respect. We shouldn’t go around trusting everyone in hopes that they will do the same for us. But, it is uncouth for us to keep the world at bay assuming everyone has an angle or a plot against us. Finally, it is up to us to enjoy the simple things such as a cup of coffee and the sunrise. Find moments in our hectic life and pause. These are the things that lead to happiness.

But, it’s people who insist on not leaving well enough alone. We mettle with everything in an effort to find improvement. Our cars need to be faster, our houses need to be bigger, and our clothes need to draw more attention. That’s it. The fundamental reason for our dissatisfaction lies within the fact that we need to be noticed. We compete with those around us for the sake of saying “I’m better than you.” It’s sad that we cannot accept ourselves nor others. We must compete and strive for the attention of others. Do we really need that affirmation? Are we so shallow that we are willing to sacrifice others for a moment of fame? Yes, yes we are.  

Life is neither good nor bad, but our perception may say otherwise. Life didn’t give us a flat tire, the nail in the road did. Life didn’t give a crappy boy/girlfriend, we chose them. Life didn’t give a dead-end job, we applied for it. Life is a buffet and we choose what to have on our plate. Yes, there are outside entities that affect us. But we are responsible for how we act, react, and treat others. Life didn’t make our bad decision nor did it make our good ones. We did. 

Life is neither for nor against us. It is a stage upon which we live our lives; the good life. But what is a “good life?” Surprisingly, the answer is as unique as the person we ask. In fact, everyone has his/her own definition. Referring back to the buffet, we are making our plate. We choose who to have around. Our anger is our own. Just as our joy and happiness are ours as well. Life is not plotting against us. I’m sure Albert Hitchcock and Steven King would disagree.

Until the next blog, live life and be happy.

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