My Morning Resting Blah Face

I love waking up and facing the new challenges of the day. The serenity of the house allows time for gathering thoughts and making daily plans. And may I exclaim “Good Gravy” that morning concoction of coffee love is the pure essence of my ability to socialize.

Yes, in the morning, I have a condition known as resting blah face. It does not mean I am not happy; however, it does signal the level of willingness to entertain conversations. It is not usual for a person to wake up and jump into a conversation. Most of us need a moment to catch our bearings, move around, and grab some grub before interacting on a social level.

In the event we should ever find ourselves in the shoes of a morning sunshine conversationalist, there are two caveats we should consider. First, just because our thoughts are firing off like a roll of Black Cat firecrackers doesn’t mean everyone else is thinking as fast. Some of us are walking zombies, making our way to the kitchen. Secondly, If we are inclined to start a conversation with “said zombies,” it would be in our best interest to use one-word sentences, such as “Morning.” Refrain from wordy fast speech interjections, such as “Hey nice to see you’re up. How’d you sleep? Are you feeling well? Do you want to see a movie today? What do you want for breakfast? I can fix you something. What’s that look? Why are you hugging me? OMG, you’re like a python to a field mouse. Have you been working out? Ok, can’t breathe. Passing out. See you in a bit…”

On the other hand, if we are morning zombies, please refrain from hugging others to quiet them. Instead, we should take the time to explain it’s too early to converse. Have patience for those who have a million things to say but no one around. That’s not a fun place to be. Explain that we will be social, just not now. If they fail to understand, hugging is still not an option.

Everyone has a unique approach to morning. It is the foundation of the day, and we should do our part in helping others have a great morning. It doesn’t matter if we are groggy zombies or morning firecrackers, we can all get along. It takes effort from both sides.

Steve Curtis

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