Open/Closed-Minded Trait During A Pandemic

After the seven-day trial of 2021, most of us are ready to cancel our subscription. Better times are coming, or for some, they may already be here. This pandemic has hit us all differently. Parents dealt with the school system, workers dealt with employment, and nurses dealt with crowded hospitals. Some of us faced one of these scenarios, while others faced all three. This is one aspect of how the COVID-19 virus has affected us in different manners.

I apologize for not posting last Friday. I wanted to take the time to look at how the big five traits are dealing with the pandemic. I intend to keep this week’s daily blog short and sweet. But, as writers, we know how that goes. 


Here, a high scorer is not afraid of trying new things, while the low scorer tends to stick with traditional values. So which one will be more willing to shelter-in-place? 

Change comes easier for an open person rather than a closed person. Wearing a mask daily everywhere is a new norm. Adapting to children’s new schedules is never easy, but one can tackle this problem efficiently with an open mind. 

It sounds like open-minded is the way to go, right? Slow your roll turbo, a closed person may not be open to new things, but they have a higher risk assessment. They are cautious and make very deliberate changes. There are research and studies and reading to complete. After all, one does not jump willy-nilly into a pandemic.

Both traits can survive. One is faster at accepting the change while the other understands the reason for the change and can apply that reasoning to upcoming scenarios. 

End the end; we are all human. Our approach to this pandemic is as unique as we are. Yes, some of us are open-minded, while others are tightly closed-minded. We are neither right nor wrong, so long as we are working towards a common goal. There are some among us who believe there is no pandemic. Perhaps they are so open-minded to this idea that it is easy to accept. Or maybe they are closed-minded and clenching to how things used to be. Either way, both have their strength and weaknesses. This is why it is wise not to judge them.

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and click the like button. 

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