Consciousness Trait During A Pandemic

A place for everything and everything all over the place. Low scorers in the consciousness department may relate to this fragmented sentence. In contrast, a high scorer may find it insulting. 

Consciousness is the trait that points out the deliberate worker. This is the one who makes their bed every day, folds the clothes before they have time to cool down, alphabetize their book collection. Order is supreme. 

This may sound dreamy until chaos ensues. Order is challenging to find amid a pandemic. With everything changing, one can barely keep up. So it is with the conscious-minded. A job loss, illness, acting on misinformation, all are stumbling blocks for the conscious-minding. Disorganization or an unstable future can present a nervous breakdown. No one is bulletproof.

On the flip-side, the person who scores low in this department may have a difficult time. These are the ones who end up in poverty, jail, or homeless. They are not goal-driven, so they tend to take things as they come instead of seizing the moment. 

Without goals or direction, a person will find themselves wandering. They may feel lost. This can bring depression or a sense of hopelessness. Couple this with society looking down at them, and we have a perfect recipe for a criminal. When survival is at hand, we have fewer problems breaking the law. 

Though these two traits have different pandemic approaches, both can have complications just as easy as they can have success. Yes, I know my focus was on the negative side of this trait. And that’s the point. We are all susceptible to bad times. Check on each other, and be honest. If we’re having a bad day, let people who ask know that this is the Mondayest Friday ever. It happens, and we will get through it. 

Until the next blog, live life, be happy, and click the like button. 

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